Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My knitting needles seem to be engaged in every free minute I have these days. I am not sure what I ever did to relax my mind before I started knitting again a few years ago...
I find it so soothing, especially when I don't have to follow complicated patterns and am knitting with a pretty yarn. Like this one! It's a bulky, warm and beautiful wool boucle yarn, meant to be worn on top of your winter coat as it isn't super soft! But oh so warm!
It has wondered into my Etsy shop (as it is rarely cold enough for me to wear this here).

These next few days are going to be super busy here, so you might not see much of me in the blog world. On the 19th, I'll be posting my blog for my friend Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party (the badge is on my sidebar and links to more information), of course with a little giveaway!

I wish you peaceful days with warmth and sunshine!



  1. ~good morning my hands have been entangled in yarn as of late little asked me a ew days your hands always have to be moving! your scarf is gorgeous...i love the colors weaved throughtout...i am sure the one who finds it will wear it with a sense of comfort and well and bright blessings~

  2. Thanks for sharing the finished product! That yarn is truly beautiful!!

  3. Great scarf, beautiful colors and texture! Isn't it odd how the different cycles of creating go from one medium to another? I, too, am knitting and crocheting and can't seem to put it down. It is very gratifying.

  4. Like to knit when looking TV or during a car trip:) Of course, one of my daughters of often has something she wants me to knit:)
    Am from Holland, and lived the first married year in Berlin, but now for 20+ years in the US. What do you know? I paint too!