Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changing Pace

Daniel and I often comment on how much we  learn from our pets on a daily basis. Winslow reminds us to stop what we are doing and play, move around and get a little wild sometimes. Ramses teaches us what it looks like to be totally relaxed! And then there's Louie, our little feral neighborhood cat...
Winslow and Louie adore each other!
As some of you may remember, last summer he suddenly adopted us, and while he is still strictly an outdoor cat, he has become the most affectionate of all the cats we've ever had. And that fact alone is teaching us to slow down and just be.

Several times a day, we see his little head pop up by our front or back door, which means it's time to go outside and sit for a while with Louie on our lap, simply enjoying the garden and the trees, listening to the birds and the very loud purring, watching the squirrels do their acrobatics, and letting our thoughts wander.
And each time, afterward I feel as though all is right in my world again.

Sometimes the biggest teachers come in the most unusual disguises, don't you think?



  1. awe this is so adorable Silke!!! Wishing you a super amazing NEw Year!!!!

  2. Wie süß die Beiden ♥
    LG Sabine

  3. Pets are priceless for important lessons!
    I get wound up over nothing, and then the Budgies tune up, excited over---well--whatever! I watch them, go and talk, and soon I am laughing.
    Louie looks *very at home*~~I think he adopted an exceptional family! ;-)


  4. Isn´t that sweet that your dog likes the outdoor cat too. What does the indoor cat think of the outdoor cat though? I see Louie has moved up to having his own foto on the sidebar so that is a good sign for sure. Aren´t cats just the sweetest the way they find us. Cats pick their owners. He really likes you guys...you should feel honored.

  5. This post made me miss my big porch in South Carolina. I loved being out on that porch watching the little lizards run around, the geese flying overhead, and just relaxing to the sounds around me. I would often paint out there, too. Very relaxing.
    You've reminded me to stop and relax. I always seem to be in a rush from morning till night. Thanks, Silke.
    I know very little about cats, but since Jake came into our lives, I am learning SO much about dogs and loving everything about him.
    audrey xo

  6. So Louie straddles two worlds. I love that. I love that he obviously trusts you.

    I completely agree about how much our animals teach us. I say that with a grateful lump in my throat.


  7. So, so true, how much are animal friends can teach us.

  8. Yes they do Silke!! I so agree. I just put up a similar post today! We are so on the same wavelength these days aren't we!!

    Animals have much to teach us. All we need to do is be open to the lessons.


  9. Oh Silke-
    How precious is this story--- we love our kitties too and we have lots of little "outdoor" kitties that have adopted us. We love them and fret over them--- they make us take life slower as well. I love the picture of the lap kitty-- so wonderfully sweet!

  10. The main thing I am learning from Ivy, our kitten, is patience, Silke!