Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Fist Life Book Assignment

In Tam's Life Book class (you can click on the link in my right sidebar if you want more info on the class - you can join at any time), our first assignment was one in which we celebrate our goddess qualities, which I took to mean my inner qualities that I consider positive.

My piece turned out a little grittier than many of the others, because I wanted to work in the style I used to paint in when I first started painting. It makes me so happy to work intuitively in layers like that. That's the style I want to also work in with my etching class. We'll see if that'll work, but I'm excited about it!!

It feels sooo good to be painting again. I've really missed it!

Tomorrow, I'll have a yummy recipe for you - I've been cooking up a storm lately and have much I want to share with you. Little by little...


Today, I am grateful for:

* hands covered in paint
* a super messy drawing table :)
* veggies roasting in the oven
* soup on the stove top
* knitting waiting for me...


  1. What a wonderful work!!

    Happy new year, dear!! Kisses from Spain :-)

  2. I really, really like this piece a lot! And I'm glad you've revived your gratitude list, because it serves as a good reminder to me to count my blessings.

  3. Your page for tams class turned out really nice!!

  4. Liebe Silke,

    herzliche Grüße und einen guten


  5. Such a wonderful painting!

  6. Silke, I really like this one!! Beautiful! Tam is such a lovely instructor!! It will be fun to watch all of your creations during this class!


  7. Liebe Silke, jetzt wird es aber Zeit endlich auch Dir ein wunderschönes Jahr 2012 zu wünschen.
    Ich hoffe Dir gelingen viele schöne Bilder und Du darfst tolle Tage erleben.
    Ich freu mich schon auf ein neues Jahr der Begegnungen in unseren Blogs.
    Viele Grüsse

  8. This is a stunning piece, Silke! Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start.

    Happy wishes...:)

  9. Silke, this is just great! I am in Lifebook, too. I am working on my piece. She's looking pretty good so far, but I have a way to go. So glad to know you are in the class, too!!!