Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

My three little piggies wish you Good Luck for 2012!

Every year, my sister-in-law, Sue, sends me little marzipan pigs for Christmas for good luck in the new year. And because she knows that I love marzipan! I mean LOVE!!

The first year she sent them, we still had our first dog, Moe, a great dane/dalmation mix, a gorgeous big dog. We put the little wrapped piggies under the tree along with everything else and Moe promptly ate all of them. So, now, when I see a little package among the others that says "don't put under the Christmas tree," I know exactly what they are... Thank you, Sue!!

We rang in the New Year with good friends and followed some of their good luck traditions. At midnight, we jumped off chairs to leap into the new year, ate 12 grapes and made 12 wishes, we toasted the new year with champagne and then ran around the block with a suitcase for much travel in the new year. Well, Daniel did the running, I had eaten a bit too much... :)

With all of that 2012 has to be a spectacular year, right?

Happy New Year!!


  1. Liebe Silke,

    alles Gute für 2012 wünscht dir
    aus ganzem Herzen


  2. Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

  3. What delightful piggies! Happy New Year Silke - looking forward to seeing what you create this year! xx

  4. What cute piggies! Sounds like you had wonderful fun! Happy New Year Silke!! Wishing you peace, love, and much happiness for this year!!


  5. How great! I love when people have a tradition they stick to each year. Sounds like a lot of fun. Terry and Jake went to bed before midnight and the New Year snuck in while I was on the computer. LOL
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Silke!!
    Cute little piggies.
    ♥ audrey

  6. Those pigs are cute. And I love marzipan too. Glad you enjoyed the party. Happy New Year!!

  7. Happy new year liebe Silke ♥
    LG Sabine

  8. These three little piggies look like I feel after a holiday of too much good food! Oink, oink! (That's Pig for Happy New Year!)

  9. Liebe Silke - süß diese kleinen Schweinchen. Auch ich liebe Mazipan und so habe ich auch eines bekommen. Auf ein kreatives 2012..Cheers! Inge

  10. happy happy new year, silke ♥

    janet and i were with friends last night too and like you we welcomed a new year with food and tradition and plenty of laughter. i am glad to start anew.

    imagine how your art advanced in 2011! so imagine what's ahead for you this year!

    i'll be gleefully watching it all unfold ♥

  11. Silke, I can't stop laughing at how cute you all looked running down the street with your luggage! What a wonderful tradition, I'm jumping off a chair next year, if the champagne doesn't put me to sleep again!

    Much love and travel for you in 2012!

  12. I love the idea of walking around the block with a suitcase, what an idea. Happy travels to you in 2012 and much happiness all the way around.