Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I loved reading all of your comments on my last post - it seems like many of us suffer from runaway thinking... a side effect of a creative mind!! And we all look for ways to get focused on something manageable again. I've been using lists to keep my focus. 
But not the lists I used to use, which never served me well. Lists of things I "had to" do. And always the list was way too long, which - at the end of the day - left me feeling like I didn't accomplish what I needed to. Not a good feeling. And so counter productive.
This year I've rethought my lists and have changed them in three major ways:

1. I only put at the most five things on the list that are "chores," things I have to do that day.
2. I also put fun things on my lists, like "read," "knit," or "paint."
3. In addition to that, I add other things to my list as do them, which has been the biggest eye opener of all.
I can't tell you how many days I've had when I knew I'd been busy, but didn't feel like I got anything done. My list hadn't gotten smaller, but somehow the day was gone. After doing my "reverse list" for a couple of days, I realize just how much I do that I don't really acknowledge.
Putting the "fun" things on my list has been a great revelation as well. I find that those are the things that usually suffer when I am "too busy." Yet, they are what nourish my soul. By putting them on my list and making space for them, I give them the importance they truly have.
Do you make lists? Do they help you focus? Do they empower you? What kinds of lists do you make? Do you use pretty paper? I do - and a colorful pen as well. Do you make a daily list or one for the week? Do you stick to your list?
Oh, and - if I don't get to everything on my list? No big deal. Tomorrow is another day...
P.S. Did my gratitude list in pictures again... So much to enjoy these days!!


  1. I do use lists -- have for years -- otherwise I forget stuff. I make one on the days I feel moved to do so -- so not every day, but frequently. It can be overwhelming to look at a long list and feel as though you "should" have gotten more done. But since I've made it my conscious aim to just enjoy life, I find I don't take it too hard when not everything gets checked off the list!

    Now a gratitutde list -- that's a list that can only do someone good!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    ich denke, du freust dich auch
    über meinen Gruß, auch wenn ich
    im Moment nicht deine Fragen beantworte.
    Gesundheitlich geht es mir nicht so

    Ich beschäftige mich, bis die Waschmaschine durch ist.

    In Liebe

  3. Eigentlich versuch ich ihne Listen auszukommen, aber wenn man schon mit Listen arbeitet, dann ist es sicher eine gute Idee vergnügliche Dinge darauf festzuhalten.

  4. i love checking off my lists! i make mine on an 8 by 11 envelope, lengthwise, and i often do a new envelope every day.

    i include everything that MUST be done, even things in the days ahead, and i include TIME for my fun: writing,gardening, reading, blogging, catching up with friends. I don't however do anything like this on weekends. on weekends i fall into things, not that i don't have plans and schedules, but i stress fun on weekends.

    i enjoy that you share your thinking, silke. we all can relate :^)


  5. I only seem to make lists on those days when I am crazy busy and don't want to forget to do anything. LOL Otherwise, I tend not to do them. LOL