Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Vignettes

Today has been filled with beautiful moments!

I hope for you as well!!


  1. Awww...that loooks lovely. I like your cats expression!

    (Michele - formerly Pipi La La)

  2. Beautiful photos! That Ramses is my kind of cat, intense :-).
    To answer your question from my blog, Venetin plaster is marble dust, at least if you go to Italy and buy it, but I get mine at Home Depot and it is not pure, but it works. It comes in a can like paint and comes in colors, but I buy untinted and do my own thing with it, sometimes I put the color in it and sometimes on top. I have been thinking of giving lessons as only a few people in the world use it to paint with, it has been used for home decorating for a long time. However I see more and more people choosing it as their medium as it is so yummy. You can sand it and burnish it. It is wonderful stuff. xoxo

  3. That was meant to be venetian plaster :-) and i forgot to say it is very thick.xoxo

  4. Happy Sunday! A good day for cat-petting. ☺