Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Painting & More

Well, my friends I took the whole day off from printmaking. I needed to not be around big presses, rubber gloves, goggles, acids and metal. I needed a peaceful day painting - and I painted all day!

When I paint, I meditate, I think, I allow things that have been percolating to come to the surface and be noticed.

So, two things happened here. My style is changing a little. My women and flowers are coming together. Plus, Jane DesRosier (Gritty Jane) is having a Facebook challenge to paint a piece paying homage to Klimt. While it wasn't my intent to paint this for the challenge, I was clearly influenced by reading about Klimt, his life and his art.

It also made me remember how much I love patterns. Not the regular kind so much, but the organic patterns I see everywhere. And I added a little bit of metallic paint (gold and copper) - yum! The photos don't really do it justice, but they come close.

But here's the big change. I decided to offer my paintings for sale right here on the blog for two reasons (everything seems to be happening in pairs today).

At this point, I call myself an artist (even if only timidly), but also want to hide it from the world. I still do that!! I like to show you my art, but the selling part I am so incredibly insecure about. I barely want to mention it and then apologize for it in the same sentence.

I came across the following quote a few weeks ago, which has had me thinking - a lot. A LOT!

“The original definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”
           ― Brené Brown

This is me being a little more courageous and telling the story of who I am:

Putting my art out there for you to see, to comment on, to buy if you want to, or to simply enjoy online! 

The second reason is a more mundane one. I find it takes a lot of time to maintain two Etsy stores effectively, so I will close my Etsy art store over the next few days and offer my art here on my blog. It just feels right. I will also no longer offer prints of anything, just my original pieces as they become available.

The "Buy Now" button will take you to PayPal for very secure checkout (the same as with Etsy).

About the pricing of my art, it is not a science. I price the pieces according to how long they took me to paint and - because I only offer you the pieces I truly love - by what would feel like a fair trade to me for that particular piece. If you have questions, just e-mail me.
8 x 10" acrylic painting

Thank you all for listening, for bearing witness to my constant becoming and for your always supportive comments! 

You all warm my heart and make my day - every day!! 

P.S. I loved all your comments on my previous fall post - seems I'm not the only one who loves this particular season... 


  1. This is a very strong & beautiful woman -- just like you! ☺ Once the new job comes through, I look forward to buying art from your blog! I think it makes sense to sell here since we get to enjoy the back story of your creations and then the finished works. You'll now have the whole cycle/story in one place.

  2. Une peinture généreuse...
    Gros bisous

  3. silke, she is stunning. what a change in everything: her temperance, the background, the accessories, the color, everything. it is as though providence is working through you. does it feel that way?

    i am glad and impressed you are putting your work out there. the price is more than reasonable. anyone who purchases your paintings now will have an entry level deal of the century, you wait and see!

    she is one of my favorites, silke, the whole painting is one class act. i'm so happy for you!

  4. of course i meant to say temperment, but maybe temperance is okay too!

  5. She's beautiful.
    Your work has evolved so much.

  6. A very bold piece - strong and wonderful. Kudos on following your path, step by step!

  7. Silke, da ist sie wieder eine von deinen tollen Frauen!

  8. Such a lovely work of art. I love that definition of courage. And I've enjoyed following your story through your blog-continue on.

  9. My courageous artist friend. I am so proud of you and your paintings are metamorphosing as you expose more of your true self. You truly rock!

  10. Congrats on your decision, and thanks for sharing your decision-making process with us. Interesting, and I love that quote! I always remember how courageous relates to heart (coeur) and that quote just pulls it all together, doesn't it?

    Also, love Klimt(!), and continue to enjoy watching your work evolve.

    And there's one more thing I love ... hmmm, what was it ... oh ya ... it's you! ♥

  11. Helloooo! How have you been??? Oh so busy, I see! You are always creating something, whether it be with food or yarn or paint or home decor.... whew!

    You know, even before I read your words, the first thought that struck me when I opened your blog was, 'Wow! Silke's style has really evolved!' Over such a short time, too! This woman is a beauty with a mysterious smile, like she's the holder of a wonderful secret. And the colors! Like gems! Applause, applause, applause!

    Yo go, girl!

  12. She's just lovely! Reminds me of a Spanish Princess! :) How cool that you added a link to buy, too! :)