Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am actually sitting on the back porch this morning writing this. It is a cool 67 ℉(19 ℃) and almost no relative humidity. What a switch from yesterday morning, which greeted us with 84 ℉ (29 ℃) and almost 100% humidity. It seems like fall is finally announcing its arrival and not a moment too soon!!
I was going to finish my painting yesterday, but then got wonderfully sidetracked by preparations for a nice dinner with a good friend. She is like family, but still I wanted to make a pretty table (love those scorched hydrangeas with the crepe myrtle seeds),
bake biscotti for a scrumptious ice cream dessert,
and then have delicious dinner and enjoy good company. It was a day that turned out very differently than planned, but oh so good!
Later today, I'm going to finish my painting and then tomorrow show you how it turned out. Plus, stay tuned for a giveaway that's long overdue!!

I feel my energy returning with the promise of fall, my favorite season!!

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. The hydrangeas are so beautiful. Wish I was coming to your house for dinner--looks good!

  2. The photos are paintings in themselves Silke! So lovely!
    One of the perks of that hot climate is all the interesting things it will grow, and constantly provide something for a bouquet.
    Dinner at your house must be an exceptionally special occasion! :-)

    Anne...sidetracked as always....

  3. Hydrangeas are beautiful, scorched or not! I remember huge bushes of them at my aunt's! And, oh my, that biscotti looks good!

  4. Ich liebe Hortensien - Wunderschön dein Tischgesteck. Einen tollen Tag, Inge

  5. you MADE biscotti> good god, silke, you paint, you knit, you cook, you bake, and i know i've left a few talents out. :^)

    i'm always loving to hear about friends spending time. life is short and good friends are worth every moment

    take care, have fun

  6. I'm sure you had a good time with your friend, it sounds as if you and Daniel make the perfect host and hostess. Lucky her!

  7. everything looks so welcoming and pretty (and yummy!), i'm glad your weather is cooling down, yay for autumn!