Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flowers on this Sunday

I've been in a creative frenzy as of late - painting, crocheting, knitting and today I'll get out my sewing machine.
A friend showed me recently how to make these very fun loopy flower pins and graciously allowed me (they are her design) to sell them in my Etsy store.
I can't stop making them - they are so pretty with all the different yarns.
If you are interested in looking at all of them, click here and have a visit to my shop.
They are super affordable.
Today, I will immerse myself once again into the peace, joy and comfort of creating...
 and hope that this energy will spread from here to everywhere...


  1. Enjoy your creative Sunday, there is no greater way to get away from things. Today I get together with my art girl friends, it will be a creative day for me also.

  2. Love the flowers Silke! So fun!
    Yes, today is a good vibes art day here---creating for the future, good thoughts, positive energy.
    And peace flowing.


  3. Lovely post Silke. These are beautiful and inspiring. Yes, all positive thoughts and energy sent out to all today xo

  4. I like them very much Silke! And I like that they have a kind of tail on them. I've been thinking of doing that with my brooches too...with yarn strands...Enjoy creating!! :-)

  5. I love them dear Silke, and had to have two- :) of them.
    Thanks for your visit today,
    I`m ok, -maybe a bit tired after a summer here without much sun- and more rain, than ever before.
    I hope you are fine, too ?-
    your latest paintings are fantastic.

  6. Liebe Silke,

    eine gute Woche und herzliche Grüße

    Angela und Elisabeth