Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Landlust - Or the Slow Days of Summer

A couple of days ago,
I received the July/August issue of my favorite German magazine, Landlust.
And I realized that the spring had been so busy for me that I put the two previous issues
in my magazine bin to read later ...
only I never did!
Ramses, my trusty assistant!
So, during these much slower days of summer, which we are both enjoying so much,
I got to read the last three issues of Landlust.
I was in seventh heaven!
And now, with permission by the publisher, I am sharing some of my favorite spreads with you.
As I am looking through the magazines and through my photos,
I realize that what I am drawn to most in that magazine are the photos.
There are recipes, interesting articles, craft how-tos, and so much more,
but it's the photos that really speak to the German in me.
And particularly those of flowers, nature and food.
Of my 25 plus years in the US, only three years did we live in a climate that was similar where I grew up in Germany,
with similar flowers, plants, and fruit and veggies.
Now, seeing photos of gooseberries, red currants and big baskets of strawberries,
give me such a feeling of nostalgia!
As do some of the landscapes that bring back so many memories for me!
So, I hope you'll enjoy these photos with me.
And if you are German-speaking ...
and can get your hands on a copy of Landlust, have a look!
You won't be disappointed!

And with that I wish you a Wednesday filled with what makes you happy!!


  1. Hallo, komm aus Wien und hab über Umwegen deinen Blogg entdeckt.
    Hier ist es sehr hübsch bei dir!
    Ich wollte nur sagen meine Mutter liebt diese Zeitung auch sehr.
    Ich glaub ich muss diese Ausgabe auch besorgen - wegen der Meerschweinchen!

    Lieben Gruß

  2. What an absolutely beautiful magazine. I don't speak German; but I would buy it just for the photos.
    Yum, Gooseberries. As a child my brother and I would eat them off the wild trees close to our farm in Canada. I planted a tame bush on my acreage in Canada and it was producing well when I moved to Mexico.
    My brother still loves nothing better than a Gooseberry Pie.
    Thanks for posting this and giving me a walk down memory lane.
    Have a good day.

  3. I would buy this magazine just for the photos! I'm so envious of your subscription. This is a lovely magazine indeed. Enjoy this summer day, Silke!

  4. Wow the pictures are truly stunning! I just adore gooseberry and elderflower crumble. At the moment we are drowning in loganberries and blackcurrants in our garden - I'm not complaining! Enjoy catching up on you reading.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog xxx

  5. Hello,
    I descovered your blog via Wolkenfee!

    Ich sehe du liebst die Provence - Landlust und Malerei ....

    und Tiere!

    Nice to meet you!

  6. Liebe Silke,

    herzliche Grüße von uns beiden
    Angela und Elisabeth

  7. I just love Landlust and you make it look even better with all these fotos...I have every single issue and there are sooooo many fabulous watercolor motifs just waiting to be painted in the is so inspiring with all the great fotos they always showcase isn´t it......I know you must always be happy when it lands in your mailbox.....a little taste of home for you.

  8. I just love when you share this magazine, Silke. It's SO beautiful. Can't understand a word of it - but it is just so lovely!!!! :)

  9. Oh i wish so much this were in english! it's so easy to see why you love it. its truly a beautiful magazine! thank for sharing silke!

  10. Silke - these images are so beautiful - this is such a wonderful magazine. Thanks for showing it to us - I would want to look through it every day!


  11. Liebe Silke, ich bin echt begeistert, dass sogar Ramses die Landlust liest;-)) Wie hast Du ihm das nur beigebracht? Kennst Du übrigens auch die Zeitschrift Heimat? Das wäre vielleicht auch was für Dich.... Liebe Sommergrüße von Luzia.

  12. Ich glaub ich muss diese Ausgabe auch besorgen - wegen der Meerschweinchen! Lieben Gruß Martina ...