Thursday, June 16, 2011

An experiment...

Ever since my good friend Anne (El Milagro Studio) suggested silver leaf for a different painting, it's been on my mind and finally today, I got the materials out and tried. I wanted to try it on a painting that I didn't like very much, which was the one above. Something about just never agreed with me, so I decided to apply silver leaf to the heavily textured background to see how it would adhere.
... and after!
Well, after I did that (which worked like a charm, by the way!), I started tinkering with the woman and decided to rouse her from her meditation and have her be present with a lot more color all around. Suddenly I like her much more. Now somehow I can connect to her!

I still have to seal the silver leaf and we'll see how that works, but if everything goes smoothly, I'll start adding it to my three pod woman (click here to see the first two - although they've changed a bit).

Maybe I'll have more to show you tomorrow already!


  1. Silke, the silver leaf really made a big difference. The background is so much more vibrant. I like the changes you've made with her.
    ♥ audrey

  2. You did a wonderful job with the application!!!
    What I recommend on sealing is to let the piece sit for several days to make sure everything is dry.
    Then I use a satin or gloss acrylic varnish. It adds a layer of depth (especially the gloss) that brings the metal to life.
    I can't get over how much the piece has CHANGED, and how utterly BEAUTIFUL you made her!!!! :-)
    Glad I suggested the leafing...heeheee!


  3. Das Nachherbild gefällt mir wirklich gut. Es ist sehr lebendig. Ich habe allerdings von der Technik überhaupt keine Ahnung.
    LG Sabine

  4. i love it, silke!! i have been thinking about trying it on an oil painting, kind of a bit of silver leafing through the hair. not sure if it will work on oil...maybe if i seal it after?? will just have to experiment! glad to see you playing in your studio! xo

  5. Your experiment has resulted very well :-)

  6. Die Bilder haben eine tolle Textur.
    Das sieht sehr gut aus

  7. Wow - what a transformation! The silver looks lovely. :) And what a dramatic difference in the painting itself. :) Great work, Silke. :)

  8. Wow, what a transformation! She is much more vibrant and alive and rich! The silver leaf is a fantastic idea!

  9. tHIS IS JUST AMAZING!!! Love your work honey and we are sooooo happy that you are here in the gallery!!


  10. Beautiful Silke..I am definately a silver-essence kind of girl..! Wonderful of your friend Anne to suggest it...gorgeous results and powerful effect! I have tried gold leaf..but didnt know there was definately gives a magical feel to this piece...and a shining- auric-presence of such beauty!
    Wonderful work as always!

  11. What a change this painting made with silver leaf and a little red.

  12. I love the change. Like a punctuation mark!