Tuesday, June 14, 2011

♩♫♪ It's Summertime...

...and the living is easy... ♫♩♪♬
I know it's not really summertime yet, but it sure feels like it here. We are enjoying quite warm weather but the humidity is lacking, which means we are spending every morning outside.
Usually on our back porch, but this morning we went to the beach before it got crowded.
It was wonderful, not too hot with a nice breeze and the water had that perfect temperature when you can stay in the ocean for a very long time... As soon as we got into the water, the dolphins appeared really close to us. In fact, they were so close to Daniel that he could hear their "chatter." A very special moment!
Now that we have returned from our camping trip, I find that I am holding on to that inward feeling as long as I can. I am reading a lot, doing art again,
hardly talking on the phone, I'm only on the computer a couple of times a day and not for long,
I'm taking time to exercise while listening to audio books, I'm enjoying preparing meals, and most of all I love spending relaxed time with Daniel.
Crazy days will return soon enough, so I'm going to milk these quiet pre-summer days for as long as I can...

I hope you are all having a relaxed day today!!


  1. Sounds like you are being in the moment. That is what spending time in nature teaches me. Enjoy it well it last. I'm enjoying a summer day off of work, it is nice to have warm weather.

  2. oh I love being by the water Silke!!!! these are beautiful photos!!!!

  3. Diese ruhigen Momente müssen auch einfach mal sein. Euer Camping- Trip hat mir sehr gut gefallen. LG Inge

  4. Your days sound absolutely PERFECT!
    I would hang onto them as long as possible....too much hectic hurrying in the world anymore.
    Slowing down is soooo nice.....


  5. Liebe Silke,

    das machst du richtig so.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  6. Liebe Silke,
    dar Campingurlaub hat dir anscheinend gutgetan. Back to the roots.Das muss faszinierend sein mit den Delfinen im Wasser. Auf jeden Fall besser als Haie:-)
    LG Sabine

  7. hello sweet friend. your trip sounds amazing. i'm home for a month now and am spending more time healing and playing with my art!
    much love and sunshine...it's pouring down rain here right now...kind of digging it!

  8. Sounds like you have your days planned. Enjoy Silke and your pix are awesome.

  9. Wonderful photos, Silke. The weather is perfect right now herre in Ca. but will probably heat up very soon! xoxo Diane

  10. A perfect way to feel. Can't wait to see how it culminates in your art.

  11. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para conhecer seu blog.
    Amei... alegre, agradável e descontraído.
    Que belo passeio... a praia só para você...
    Boa quarta-feira!

    。˚ ˚ ˛✿

  12. Such gorgeous photos...enjoy your quiet summer days.

  13. I noticed that too, Silke, even with the high temps, the humidity has not been that bad at all...and I think it's even too hot for the mosquitoes because they have not been pestering me as much as usual! Thank God for small favors ;-)

  14. Love these beach pictures Silke- I sure wish I was there right now!