Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When she got really still, she could feel the inspiration all around her.

First of all, thank you so much for all your heartfelt comments! I so appreciate your encouragement and friendship!!

Well, here's another portrait (I wonder if I'll ever feel "done" with women portraits) I painted on a new coarse molding gel I had not previously worked with. It has a lot of grit and is interesting to paint on. I love the way it feels under my fingers. I also worked on an art board that is pretty new (this was a sample I had gotten), which was great to work on. It's thin and firm and doesn't buckle or warp at all.

As you can see (click on the photo to see her bigger), I didn't only get into a LOT of texture, but also patterning. This resulted in a pretty busy painting, and I like the sense of serenity she still has about her with all this texture going on in the background...

She's available in my Etsy store if you really like her!

In other news, it's finally a little cooler here today and we are starting to feel the first inklings of fall! Not a moment too soon...

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I plan to visit many of your blogs this evening..."see" you then!


  1. Popping in before I lay the darling down. Blessings and beautiful creations.

  2. I love your women. I really like how peaceful she looks, with that little look of mischief in her eyes!

  3. I really like this one...all the texture and her wild hair.
    You've been really productive!
    Have a lovely afternoon.

  4. Love her slightly skeptical look! So, it is getting a bit cooler where you are - our temps are dropping, we might even get some snow this week.... brrrr.

  5. I love this woman's hair -- sort of a red Afro. Also love all the texture -- and the golden aura around her. She looks very pensive, like she is stopping to feel the inspiration around her. Neat piece, Silke!

  6. Just popping in to say `hello' and catch up on your blog. As always, a fantastic portrait, Silke! Hope you're enjoying the arrival of Fall. x

  7. I'm glad you are getting to enjoy fall weather. We have started the rainy season and we have a leaky roof!!!

  8. That texture is fabulous Silke! I've been meaning to ask you - who are your models for your lovely paintings or where does your inspiration come from to paint such lovely ladies?
    Enjoy the cooler weather!

  9. Great texture on this painting!

  10. I wonder if all these women know each other or if they are all aspects of you, Silke? They are just magnificent...like you! xo

  11. She's great...I love her halo. You do wonderful expressions on all your ladies faces too. Well done my friend!

  12. Great texture! Its like the texture show´s how much inspiration there is around her. Love the halo too. She looks calm and just listening to all the inspiration that is buzzing around. Hugs Annika ;)

  13. I love that you always are ready to try new things and experiment with new ways to create art. This has turned out beautifully!

  14. Hi Silke,
    Thank you for your warm comments. I admire you and your work. You freely express yourself in your paintings... I love the new colours and textures you are working with at the moment. Beautiful watery greens. She looks a very peaceful looking lady.
    Hugs. Jo.x

  15. What gorgeous colours - another beauty Silke!

  16. Beautiful girl... avec de beaux effets de matière comme j'aime...
    Kisses from France,