Monday, March 20, 2017

So much is happening...

I haven't posted in a while, not because I have nothing to show, but because there is too much going on. Just the thought about writing it all down, finding the photos, getting it all organized seems overwhelming. But here I am!
I've been painting a lot. These are just some of the paintings of the last month. I'm finishing a medium-sized commissioned painting, which is looking really fun. I can't wait to be able to share it with you.
These are all small paintings, which I love to do. I'm also working on three larger ones and I'm sure I'll get more in the works. The ideas just keep coming!
I've also been reading a lot, taking a bunch of online classes, knitting, crocheting, cooking and baking. My life is so full at the moment that I don't find the peace of mind to write it all down. I hope that'll change soon...
I will need to do a separate post for the crocheting and knitting projects I'm working on and have finished lately. They are so much fun!
I want to show you what's growing in our yard - spring has sprung in a big way in Savannah. I want to tell you about some books I've been reading and classes I've been taking.
I need to do a post about a beautiful charcoal drawing I did. As an aside - as much as I love color (and you can tell I do), my other serious love is charcoal. In a big way!  
I'm also always experimenting. Here with high-flow acrylics on watercolor paper.

And here I was playing with watercolor. It's so much softer than the acrylics. I'm not very good at it yet, but I love it!
Lately, I've also felt the nudge to try my hand at oils again. It's been a few years and I had such a good time with them!
In other words I feel so inspired at the moment! Everything seems to open up a new world for me, weather it's looking at a flower in the garden, crocheting a blanket one stitch at a time, reading a great book, baking bread, getting my hands black with charcoal or allowing color to permeate everything.

Life is so good! And I sincerely hope for you as well!!

With love and gratitude,



  1. Wow! I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm coming right through my PC. LOL you are Soooo very busy and with that you sound happy. You know how much I love your art no matter what the medium. Thank you for sharing. Even though I see you on FB, blogging is just a bit more persona. Have a great week.

  2. Hello!
    I am so happy that you are bursting at the seams with your creative energy! Good for you! You are so very talented, keep up with the good work!
    Love, Kay xxx

  3. love the whale and the intense stare of the owl :D

  4. It's lovely to see your beautiful colourful artwork! Your watercolours are so lovely and vibrant, just like your acrylics. I never did get on with oils but I'd love to have a go again one day now you've inspired me! xx

  5. Make hay while the sun shines so they say!! Keep on keepin on... if you feel that creative energy keep going while it lasts! The rest can wait. This sometimes is a fleeting thing. Enjoy...everything is stunning....even the more muted colours!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Oh, du hast Herrn Roderich gemalt. *smile* Herr Roderich ist ein Stempel von der Firma Cats on Appletrees und sie benennt ihre Tiere nach Namen und das Wildschwein heißt 'Roderich', dann gibt es eine Kuh namens Erika etc..Fantastische Bilder hast du wieder geschaffen.
    Liebe Grüße Brigitte

  7. Beautiful paintings! Keep enjoying life :)