Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pretty and Delicious!

Just a quick post today. I'm feeling inspired to decorate for fall and I want to take advantage of that! Of course, decorating always brings with it a good bit of dusting and rearranging. It's going to be a busy day...

However, I wanted to share with you this zucchini cake I made the other day. My friend Rachel shared the recipe (click here) and it is delicious!! I modified it a little as I had no self-rising flour in the house, so I made my own, adding leavening. Plus, I used half whole wheat, half white flower. And I used demerara sugar, which I made a little finer in the food processor, instead of white sugar. Excellent!! I have much of it sliced in the freezer for a quick snack if needed...
The picture below I snapped one day when I had gotten a few blackberries out to thaw. I did a few other things and when I turned around again, I was stopped in my tracks. Sometimes ordinary things can be so beautiful!
Hopefully you are having a great week so far. We had a rainy day yesterday and today it's sunny and cooler and the humidity level is dropping fast. Makes me a happy woman! 

I leave for you today with sunny wishes and much love,

P.S. No time for a proper postscript today....


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime tous les pains de courgettes. J'en réalise de toutes sortes.
    Le vôtre me semble succulent !

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. Oh, they're blackberries - and here was I, thinking they are pine cones :-D

    Zucchini cake sounds like a good idea. It is such a versatile vegetable, isn't it.

  3. The cake looks absolutely delicious, Silke! So happy that you made it. Happy October xo

  4. Anything made with zucchini is always so nice and moist!

  5. Things like the thawing blackberries... You stopped and noticed their beauty. And got your camera, to record it.

    I like to think that we have more of such moments, because we love to use our cameras. :-) It is a lovely perk. Of taking photos, and being in Blog Land.

    Happy October!
    "Here there be musing" blog

  6. We so often fail to notice the beauty that is around us all the time. Well done getting the blackberries.

  7. I wasn't sure what zucchini was so I had to look it up. :) We call them courgettes in my neck of the woods :) what a lovely unusual recipe, it looks delicious I might give it a go!
    Thankyou for sharing the lovely photo of the thawing blackberries, it reminds me to slow down and to appreciate the small beautiful things I rush around missing. Have a lovely week Silke!
    Jess xx