Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Painting...

Good Tuesday morning, friends!! It is a warm and humid and foggy/rainy day today in our neighborhood. Winslow and I went for a walk and it felt like you could drink the air. But I know that fall is coming and it is making me giddy with anticipation and has me dreaming of making soups, baking bread, snuggling under warm blankets, fires in the fireplace and sipping hot tea. Until then I'm beyond grateful for air conditioning.
I've been painting again, a sure sign that the heat is going to be a thing of the past soon. This cat (I based it loosely on a photo of a mountain lion) has really captured my heart. I have the painting sitting in the living room and keep staring into those eyes.
It'r rather big and rather stunning even if I say so myself. I'm already at work on a smaller painting and hope to finish that in the next couple of days. I also have done a lot of knitting and crocheting and plan to do some more sewing soon. My creative juices are flowing.
Are you having a good start to your week? I hope so! Sending you warm wishes from Savannah!