Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Medley

Well, friends, it happens every year. And somehow it surprises me every year. Summer Fatigue. Even though we've had some lovely days of low humidity and a break from the super heat, toward the end of August and into September I notice that the summer here in the south just wears on me.
I feel tired and like not doing anything. At all. I don't just lay around and I do plenty of things, but I really have to psych myself up for them.
I feel like I've lost my creative mojo as well since my studio upstairs just gets too warm to be in it long. I haven't painted in a week or so, I haven't done any sewing, but I've done plenty of knitting, which I can do downstairs where it's cooler.
The upstairs rooms heat up with the afternoon sun and don't really cool down much even at night and even with the A/C going. If we'd lower the A/C enough that the upstairs is cool, we'd be icicles downstairs...
I know this will come to an end. But I'm used to living in areas where the end of August and September would already bring the first hint of fall. You have to look really hard here to find that first hint. Usually it's the leaves on our fig tree turning brown and falling off. At first I used to think it had some terrible disease until I realized that it's just fall for the tree even though for us it's still hot summer.
Here are of my knitting efforts - this is really pretty and sparkly yarn and the scarves are like jewels. I've also used it to make some of my beaded necklaces. Gorgeous!!
Winslow thinks it's way too warm as well, although we've all enjoyed the momentary reprieve from humidity with long mornings spent on the back porch and walking the neighborhood. We were even able to open the windows for a while in the mornings getting some fresh air into the house.
Here's another scarf I made. This is done with really soft and warm yarn, but with a lacy pattern. It was fun to knit and made me think of winter.
This morning I was trying to get a good picture of it on the back porch.
As soon as I picked up the scarf, Louie thought it was time to be scratched and photographed.
He definitely made himself comfortable and my scarf photo shoot was over. That's ok. I was getting too warm anyway.
I hope that the weather pleases you wherever you are! I'll continue to dream of fall and winter...

The scarves are all available in my Etsy shop (the link is on my left side bar).



  1. I like how Louie has his own little "beach towel" for sunbathing on the deck, LOL!

  2. That's a wonderful name for your cat, Louie. Louie really looks grumpy, tee hee. I love all your photos and this must have taken some time so you have been busy. I know the feeling and my mind and body are racing for Fall. I so look forward to it. Great photos.

  3. Liebe Silke, wir sind hier sehr froh über jedes bisschen Sommer, das uns noch bleibt - heute ist wieder so ein schöner Tag, nachdem wir die Woche über schon richtiges Herbstwetter hatten, mit viel Wind, jeder Menge Regen und recht kühlen Temperaturen.
    Deine Schals sind toll - und das sage sogar ich als Fast-Nie-Schal-Trägerin :-)

  4. What a beautiful photo of winslow-there is something about it that just really appeals to me. Love the zinnias also. We were spoiled this summer in Missouri with mostly cooler temps and now that Sept is almost here, summer has come with a vengeance with heat and humidity--right when it is time to think about fall crispness--such strange weather this year.

  5. I would just flake out at your sort of temperatures but I wouldn't mind it being a bit warmer here at the moment. It's cloudy, showery and 16 degrees C in my part of the UK.

  6. Silke- such a lovely collection of photos-- especially the scarves, you are on a roll:)
    I think the summer swelters will soon be gone--- fall is in the air here!! Actually, I'm not ready-- I still want summer!!

    Love your fur babies--