Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Moments in Time...

1. Tucker, one of the outdoor kitties who adopted us was sitting under the bird feeder this morning, hoping the fat squirrel would fall into this mouth. It didn't happen and Tucker went back to his post on our front porch surveying our garden and napping...
2. I tried to capture "our" spider's magnificent web in the morning sunshine.
It is huge and impressive! She is quite the accomplished weaver...
3. The cardigan I started last year and then forgot about is getting closer to being finished. I love mindless knitting projects like this. They clear my mind and sooth my soul! The pattern is one that is knitted in one piece starting at the collar, so easy and great for making the sleeves as long as they need to be. Any long-limbed reader of my blog will understand how hard it is to find any top with sleeves that are ever long enough...
4. One of my very best friends (we've known each other since Kindergarten), emailed me this photo of my sister and me in Holland on vacation eating ice cream, which I think was a daily occurrence. What a great photo!! By the way, that was the color of my hair a long time ago - dark brown, almost black. :) Although I think I already had a few silver hairs at that time in my life... And I had completely forgotten about those purple overalls. Loved them!!!
5. As I was making a cup of espresso yesterday, my phone notified me that my toad painting had sold. Best of all, a friend here bought it, which means I can see it whenever I want to. Good thing as I am a tad attached to this one... :)
6. A delicious white bean dip we've made a few times already this summer. Yum!! (Recipe here.)
7. A glass of red wine drunk from a clay wine cup handmade by a German potter who is in his 90s and bought together with my dad when I was visiting a couple of years ago.
Last weekend was somewhat difficult for us as Winslow, our sweet dog, had a fierce stomach bug on Sunday. We think it was triggered by nerves from two days and nights of loud thunderstorms sweeping over our house and making it shake frequently. Poor baby!

Monday morning, Daniel took him to the vets who said he was doing great overall and gave him some meds which helped his stomach immediately. By now he's back to his normal über-cute self!

When anyone in my world is sick, I get anxious. And when it's one of our pets, I get super anxious. One way to keep a hold on my inner happy place is to make special note of anything that makes me smile, big or small. And things like these certainly do the trick.

What do you do when your inner calm is threatened?



  1. Man, that is one huge spider's web! And I just saw the photos of the spider herself on your last post -- yowza!

  2. Such a nice post--a glimpse into your world. That is the biggest spider web I've ever seen, spider-wise, probably the size of a little city :-)

    Sounds like a good good summer

    And, you new animal paintings: homeruns


  3. With that spider having set up shop at your house, you won't need any curtains anymore :-)

    Love the picture of you in your pink overallas eating ice cream!

    When I worry or am anxious (which happens very, very rarely since Steve's death 5 years ago - what can be more tragic than that?), I have three ways to deal with it: walk (if time and weather allow), read (if time and occasion allow), pray (always).

  4. eeek to the spider but fantastic web!

    Love the little cat photo that made me smile and I am glad to hear your dog is better :)

  5. You've been talking about that spider over on FB and that is one impressive web she has spun!! I understand completely about being able to make the sleeves on the sweater as long as you want (altho for me it wouldn't be soothing mindless activity to knit that sweater!!)

  6. That is quite a shot of this spider. We have some very large spiders and webs which appear at our cabin, and more than once I have walked right in to one with my face. UGH!!