Monday, August 18, 2014

Garden Excitement and Giveaway

I've been looking every day for many days and I finally spied them:
Tiny monarch butterfly caterpillars. We plant the milkweed only for the monarch butterflies because that's where they like to lay there eggs and that's what their caterpillars like to eat. This is so exciting!!
Also exciting, but in a different way was the morning "our" giant spider caught a big moth. I felt so bad for the moth, but I'd feel just as bad if a bird ate this beautiful spider, which is getting bigger and bigger. She must be ready to lay her eggs soon...
All this butterfly/moth action inspired this painting, which is relatively small, but took a long time to come together. Finally, I detached from the outcome and just enjoyed the process and - voilà - it suddenly worked!
I decided to give it away and have a giveaway both here and on my Facebook Page. You just need to enter once - either leave a comment here or on Facebook. I'm keeping this really simple.
I'll draw the winner on Thursday, August 21 after 9 p.m. my time. Or thereabouts... :)

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your week. I'm hoping to get a good bit of painting done!



  1. Lots of butterflies and caterpillars in my garden in England at the moment but sadly no monarchs!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    die Fotos sind wunderschön.
    Die Farben leuchten.

    Alles Liebe

  3. It's cute! I do not know if I can participate (I'm from another country, Russia)
    If possible, I wish :))))))

  4. Oh how thrilling...thanks for the opportunity!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Hi Silke,
    Absolutely glorious colours. You notice so much and I think it is reflected in your art.
    Understand that I am not eligible to win living in Australia but wanted to comment anyway. Hope you have enjoyed the week painting.
    Kind regards,

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful! Am I too late?
    Today is my sister's birthday and I had to call her in out in Colorado!
    Hope you are having an amazing August, my dear! xx