Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear friends, I so love all of your comments on my last posts - there is such wisdom, kindness and support in this community. It amazes me again and again! And if fills my heart with gratitude! 
Yesterday, after asking myself how I would be different if I didn't care what others thought, a funny thing happened. I was suddenly ready to let go of my two oil paintings. That was unexpected.
Why would I want to hang on to them in the first place? Well, I do love them and I won't be sorry at all if they don't sell and stay here with me. But often I think I hang on to my paintings because I don't want to put them "out there" where they might get scrutinized and criticized.
Right now, that doesn't seem to matter to me. What matters is that I have a gift and I'm ready to share it! That's a very nice feeling indeed!!

Both are available in my Etsy Shop.

Yesterday, I started another oil painting and for some reason I found it frustrating. Part of the fun of  working with oils is that they dry so slowly and you can rework your painting for a long time. And part of the utter frustration I have with oil paints is that they dry so slowly and it's hard to paint over an area I don't like. Yesterday I really wanted the painting to dry fast...

So, today I think I'll get out my acrylics to just play with color and see what happens. It's a light-hearted play sort of day! I hope for you, too!!

With lots of love and appreciation,