Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of Dreams and Magic

Do you dream at night? I do. A lot! I always have. It's my own personal movie theater. Mostly it's just entertaining, but sometimes my dreams have special meaning to me and a few times they've been predictive about people I know.
I've been feeling the need to get away from making "serious" art for a bit to revive the fun factor. And  so I've been rather playful with my art and having such a good time!
Last night I had a wonderful dream where I was in a boat on the ocean and was accompanied by hundreds of dolphins. I felt such joy! To me, dolphins are a strong metaphor for play and it reaffirmed to just continue on the path I'm on with my art.
acrylic and charcoal on 5 x 7" clay board
Available in my Etsy Shop.

This was a really fun piece. I just played with shapes and colors and suddenly I saw that beautiful tall figure with the half moon. It felt magical to me and I decided to leave it as is.

With lots of love and magic,