Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Beginnings

As long as I can remember I have loved being up and out early on New Year's Day when most people are still recovering from the previous night's festivities.
And so it was this morning. Winslow and I headed out to Fort Pulaski even with the threat of rain and a brisk and fairly cold wind.
It was wonderful. We were the only ones out there - well, besides countless birds and a few beautiful deer. It was so peaceful and it got me thinking about new beginnings and new things in general.
At first I thought that I really like all new things, but then - on closer inspection - I realized that I get most excited about something new that has potential for more. For example, a new year is just waiting to be lived and is full of surprises (good ones, please!).
A new empty journal has the potential for a beautiful story, for art, for transformation.
A new year-long art class I am taking (Life Book 2014 at is starting fresh today and the potential for new art, making new friends and learning new things about myself is huge.
Maybe that's why my blog is called Metamorphosis. I love that cocoon stage that signals a new beginning, a change, and an unfolding of something magical.
It's part of having an artistic soul, I think. As an artist I am much more interested in the process while I am creating than I am in the finished piece. And that always starts with a fresh canvas or a blank piece of paper where the possibilities are endless.
I guess the same goes for me as a person. Or for any of us - we are forever becoming, changing and growing. Even if we think we stay the same, we never do. Everything is always changing and therefore full of potential.
So much for my ramblings on this first day of 2014! May this be a magical year for all of us, filled with goodness, peace and great joy!

I am happy you'll be a part of my 2014!!



  1. Happy new year, dear!! May your new year be filled with joy, peace, health and much art! I send you a big kiss from Spain! xx

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  3. Ich wünsche Dir ein frohes und gesundes 2014 mit vielen neuen, hoffentlich schönen Erfahrungen und viel Zeit für Dich. Liebe Grüße, Inge

  4. That's a wonderful New Year's tradition. May you keep the spirit and joy of new beginnings all year long!

  5. Ich wünsch dir und Daniel ein gutes und schönes neues Jahr

  6. lovely photos and so wonderful to finally pop in!!! Wishing you a Healthy, Happy and very creative New Year 2014 Silke!!!

  7. Liebe Silke, ich wünsche dir ein glückliches und gesundes neues Jahr. Deine Fotos inspirieren mich für eine neue Karte. ;)

    LG Brigitte

    PS: Vielen Dank auch für deine Neujahrswünsche.

  8. Frohes Neues Jahr für Dich und Deine Lieben, Silke!
    New beginnings - yes, I love them, too. I wrote more than once, I think, about what even the start of a new month means for me. So the start of a new year, although I know it is only a man-made line that is crossed, is something extra special.

  9. The first day sets intention in motion. I wish you a wonderful year, Silke

    I spent New Year's Day watching a 4 year old little boy and his birthday boy 7 yo brother ice skate for the first time. They fell, they got up, they slid forward, they fell, they got up

    That's what we will do this year, Silke . That's a lot


  10. Happy 2014!

    I know just what you mean, I always loved the ANTICIPATION of Christmas as a kid, didn't you?
    Hard to explain, I just hugged the thought of what was to come with a great excitement. I wish that same for you with your art!
    Have a great year.

  11. Beautiful photos from your walk-- all that lovely sea grass!! I love being out early-- it's a great start to the day!!


  12. Happy New Year, Silke -- may 2014 bring only good suprises your way! :