Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

Dear friends! We are cold here in the South! Not really THAT cold, but we aren't used to it. And some of us Northern transplants aren't used to it anymore! Add to that houses that aren't built for the cold and outside heating units that don't like the freezing rain and you can understand that we are ready for warmer weather again.
Yesterday I gingerly crept outside in the front yard (our back porch was and still is a sheet of ice) and snapped a couple of picture of the little icicles hanging from the plants. It was a weird sound when the wind moved through the trees - as though they were made of glass. Luckily, today it will start warming up a little and by the weekend we will be completely thawed out.
And while we all (in this part of the world) wait for Spring, I thought I'd show you some more pictures of places we encountered on our last cruise, where it was very warm and beautiful!
Where the waters were clear and turquoise.
Where the colors were beautiful and inviting.
And where the wide open vistas were inspiring!
I always find that going to different places, taking a voyage, even a road trip clears my head and fills it with new idea. And with possibilities.
I had that thought last night right before falling asleep - one has to allow the possibility for new things to happen.
Last week someone mentioned to me that they couldn't draw a stick figure if they tried. Six years ago, that we me saying that. And when you believe it, it is absolutely certain.
One day I found a blog of someone creative and that changed everything for me. She was a crafter and an artist, and seeing her creative projects, I thought: "I think I might be able do something like that."
And that was it. The tiny space that allowed for the possibility of new things to happen. And what happened after that and during the last five years has been amazing for me.
Being in the portrait class now, I was watching the teacher do a demo on the first day and I thought: "I can do that - just follow the shadows." And when I tried it, I could. It wasn't as good as the teacher's, but it was a fantastic beginning for someone new at this skill.
And now that I've experienced this phenomenon on so many levels, there really is no end to what could be possible.
I have recently made the allowance that maybe I can write after all. Not just that, but that I actually enjoy it. After years of saying to myself: "You can't write. You are a numbers girl," I find that suddenly the words are pouring out of me.
I find myself writing stories in my mind and on the computer. If they ever amount to anything, who knows, but they were there and just waiting to be invited to the creative party.
It makes me realize how much I haven't allowed into my life because of blanket statements of not being able to do certain things. Some people say that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I'm starting to think that that is true.
I still catch myself seeing something beautiful someone has made (the other day it was a gorgeous quilt) and thinking: "I could never do that." That's not really true. I have a sewing machine, I can learn, I have an eye for color, I love fabric, etc. I could do it. But I don't want to invest the time right now. That's much closer to the truth.
And it's a statement that allows for the possibility of new things coming into my life again and again.
Ok, enough with the deep thoughts. Weren't these photos gorgeous?! Daniel took all of them. This sampling was mostly from Curaçao, a place we have now been to a couple of times and could visit again and again. There are many more pictures and I'll share them little by little as the year goes on.
Oh, look at that: capris pants. As I sit here bundled up with the heater going, the humid heat of the Caribbean is sounding pretty good right about now...
I hope some of the warmth in these photos reached you and made your day a little brighter!



  1. Love your carribean colors.... perfect for this time of year and not much color where i am. Such a good idea to reframe that way you think.... often times, i find that it is not that i can't... but that i am choosing not to invest the time. Really, for most of us, anything is possible. Enjoyed your post!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    das ist so schön, dass ich es nicht in Worte fassen kann.

    Sonnige Grüße

  3. What a thought provoking post!

    I think we all just get blogged down in routines that don't support doing the things we are able to do.

    Does that make sense?

    Even blogging falls into that category for me.

    Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint blog

  4. You were like the "watch pot that never boils", the water is there you just had to turn up the heat. I have a similar story with a different ending (that is not to say that it is over, because it is not) In your case you had the creativity inside of you, but no one had reached in and pulled it out ... it wasn't encouraged, in other words. In my case everyone in my family was artistic ... at a young age one thinks of artistic as being able to draw things that look like what you are drawing ... never exploring the possiblities of art. I quashed the artistic me because I was intimidated by the extraordinary talent around me ... like you I became a numbers girl.
    I have found that I am artistic, but certainly not the artist that you are becoming. You are blooming like the wild flower getting it's first taste of sunlight. There seems to be no end to your abilities and your writing is equally as good. You are young and have much to look forward to. I am old and have much to look forward to ... part of which will be watching you grow. Loved the pictues ... couldn't agree more, a little moist heat would be a godsend right now :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. I think something changes for women at mid-life -- a "click" and all of a sudden, we want to try and do new things!

  6. What a wonderful message!

    We need to throw out so many long held opinions... And fearlessly step into the future... Taking the chance on our not-yet-flourishing abilities.


  7. Just settled down to read your post,I was so disappointed I only saw the first 6 images, all the others didn't open. As no one from the previous comments mentioned this, I'm not sure if I have to change a setting on my laptop? I do enjoy your writing. I know I'm a lot older than you but I can see myself,I often see something and say I could do that. I often surprise myself when I realise I can. I'm so glad I found you, as it was your blog that enabled me to see the GYB party.

  8. Re: Your comment on my blog entry...

    Yes, we do notice more, because of taking/putting our photos on our blog! And I think that's marvelous.

    About watermarking our photos... I was once told that a *clever* person can remove watermarks. Yish... Like you, I don't bother. I want my photo taking to remain fun, like my blogging.



  9. There certainly is enough colour in all those beautiful pictures to brighten up anyone's day!

  10. Oh wow those colours have just warmed me right up! I have to agree too, its not that we can't do something its that we don't want to invest the time right now, I might make that my new mantra. Lx