Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Colorful Bathroom

There are not many of my paintings hanging in our house. Many I have sold or given to family, others I paint over to use the canvas again. This one was a keeper and perfect for our very colorful bathroom!
We'll be building a frame for it, but it's already hanging over the bathtub.
Also in the bathroom are two original oil paintings of Daniel's. The one with the Eiffel Tower, Daniel was painting when we first met in August of 1985. I did not know much about art then, but I knew immediatelyI liked both the painting and the artist! (The little figures on the wall are from one of our many visits to Oaxaca in Mexico.)
This one Daniel painted a few years later of the cathedral and the farmer's market in my hometown of Münster, Germany.
Can you tell we love color?!

I hope you are having an amazing and relaxing Sunday!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    die Sonne lacht, und ich schicke
    dir sonnige Sonntagsgrüße.


  2. Loving your painting in the bathroom and your husband's painting. How fun to share a studio where you can both paint away to your heart's content, x

  3. Your bathroom certainly cures any remainder of sleepiness when you go in there first thing in the morning, with all those bright and cheerful colours!

  4. Silke your use of color is just stunning. I love both of the pictures-- yours and Daniels. I really admire you for your color choices in your home-- I wish I could step out of the box and be more colorful!

  5. oooooooh. this painting of yours is indeed special, one of your finest. now how will it hang near the tub like that and not be affected by the steam of a shower?

    the whole room is gorgeous. such fun for me to see daniel's paintings as well. talent that cannot be flushed away (aaargh! i couldn't help it)


  6. LOVE the painting you did for your bathroom. Our bathroom is where lots of my pieces live temporarily until another one takes its place.