Friday, May 11, 2012

A quick hello...

...and a great big thank you for all your wonderful and encouraging comments on my last painting!

Here, the weather has been PERFECT and today we spent a good bit of time at the beach (as you can see from the photo). It was incredible! A little windy and cool in the shade, but Daniel even went swimming. It felt like vacation. We even had a big group of dolphins (including at least two babies) come by and put on a show for us. They were jumping and playing and splashing around right in front of Daniel when he was in the water. One of those perfect moments, you know?

By the way, all those sticks between Daniel and the water have been washed up lately by the extremely high tides we had around the last super moon. They are the reeds and grasses that get washed out to sea when the tidal waters get really high in the marshes.

In those reeds, Daniel discovered a huge dead fish. It had been dead for a while because all the bone had been exposed. The pattern of the scales looked so beautiful to me.
I did a little research online and found an interesting article on exactly such a mystery creature that had washed up on a South Carolina beach in March. People wondered if it was an as yet unidentified sea monster. Turns out, it was a carcass of an Atlantic Sturgeon. Mystery solved...

Well, all of this great weather has severely impacted my computer time and my time in my studio. But I don't mind... Soon it'll be hot and humid and I'll have much more indoor time again!

I hope you are having a gorgeous and joy-filled Friday wherever you are!!


  1. Have a lovely weekend, Silke! Looks like you've been having tons of fun at the beach...enjoy!

  2. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend


  3. Not many things can be more enjoyable than a day on the beach - topped with a spontaneous, free dolphin show!

  4. Ohhh to be on the beach!! I'm so jealous. Counting the days until our trip to Florida. Daniel looks way cozy in that chair!! Enjoy your weekend!