Saturday, May 5, 2012

I cannot get enough...

The garden keeps holding me captive! The hydrangeas are getting more color and the jasmine smells heavenly! 

The tomato plants are getting their first green fruit!
The blueberries are growing, but the bushes are still so small. Last year we got enough blueberries to enjoy over granola. This year it'll not be much more.
The fig tree on the other hand, has an overwhelming number of figs getting nice and big. I am collecting recipes of what to do with them all (aside from just eating a good number of them). Any suggestions?

This oleander was a gift four years ago from my aunt. It was a small shrub, probably knee-high. 
It is now at least 10 feet (3 meters) high and simply gorgeous! That is the climate here in Georgia - everything that likes heat grows in leaps and bounds. Our fig tree was a tiny little stick we planted six years ago - it is now a good-sized tree!

The same with our pomegranate bush (I'll have to get some pictures of it), which has grown from a little stick four years ago to a HUGE bush with a trunk like a tree. When it is blooming or has fruit, people regularly ring our doorbell to ask what it is. It looks striking!
And last a little fun I had with the birds - ok, it was just entertaining for me - feeding them worms...
from this plate!
Wishing you much fun and sunshine and beauty on this Saturday in May!!


  1. Wow, liebe Silke, die Natur ist ja schon so weit bei euch, wenn die Hortensien schon blühen.
    Die Würmer finde ich jetzt nicht so lecker, aber der Teller ist süß ♥
    LG Sabine

  2. Liebe Silke,

    ich freue mich, dass ich wieder dich besuchen kann.

    Alles Liebe


  3. Two words for the figs~~ FIG JAM!!! I find it occasionally up here and it is absolutely wonderful on toasted English Muffins......*sigh*
    Fresh figs, fig pie, fig pudding, fig cake, fig....wait, having a Forrest Gump moment here. ;-)
    I can't believe you have tomatoes setting on and growing! My iris are just coming into bloom! (and had one beautiful one---not sure where it came from but glad it's here...)
    Stay in the garden; enjoy it while it is so lush.

    P.S. Check on-line w/Southern Living or Louisiana Cooking for fig recipes

  4. yuk to the worms. you are a better bird carer than i am :^)

    your whole city must be so gorgeous now. i can just see you walking in your yard, appreciating everything. come see me in province town when you have a chance. i'm doing what you're doing


  5. Enjoying watching all my flowers bud up and bloom out. It is going to get hot here soon and the petunias will be the ones really cheering up the place. Taking it easy today after all the derby doing around here yesterday.

  6. oh how beautiful your garden is!