Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daydream - New Painting

Are you one of those people who easily finds back to their routines? I am not! Whenever something out of the ordinary happens, like our past weekend with friends, it always takes me a few days to get back into my routine.
I admire people who, as soon as things are back to "normal", they get stuff done and go right back to their usual activities. I'm just not that way. I sort of have to always find my bearing again. But I find that in those times, I tend to be quite creative.
So, I have a few paintings in the works and this is one I finished. I tried all kinds of crazy things with the background, but none of it looked right. In the end it wanted to be plain. My sister commented how much this girl looks like me - it's probably because I worked from a photo of me when I a kid. As usual, it only vaguely resembles the photo (actually, not much at all).

I'm linking her to the very fun and inspiring Paint Party Friday. Click here to see much more fabulous art!
12 x 12 inch acrylic painting
Available here in my Etsy shop

She does, however, remind me of myself when I was a kid. I was such a dreamer. And I was really, really good at it. At some point, society (and school) convinced me that dreaming was bad and action, action, action was the only way to go. I should have kept count of how often the adults in my life told me to "stop dreaming and pay attention."

Now, I'm trying to unlearn that. I have come to the realization that daydreaming is probably one of the most important things we can do. And when those dreams inspire me into action, nothing is better than that! And that's where the good stuff happens...

I hope you are all doing well!! I've started making the blog rounds again and hope to get to all of you in the next few days... It's so much fun catching up on all the great things you've been doing.

In the meantime... happy daydreaming!


  1. HEY! Silke!
    Stop paying attention and DAYDREAM!!! ;-)
    Love it~~yes, it does look like you.
    And how I *wish* I was one of those who easily slipped right back on the rails, into my previous routines.
    But then, maybe we get a creative boost from our more circuitous route.....I think yes.


  2. don't you worry, you are not on your own, being a printmaker helps, as there are always orders to fill, which is a great thing to be doing on those days when you are getting back into it..... I am more irritated by the "creative overload" right before not being able to be, because of traveling!! Love the painting by the way, it's super nice....:o)

  3. Another beauty, Silke! I love the calming shades of blue...By the way, I'm one of those get back to routine type of girls usually...but I do have my moments. ^_^ I must say though, no matter how good the distraction may be, I crave routine...Normality! I've had enough chaos and unsettled-ness in my life!! :-))

  4. Liebe Silke,

    die Bilder werden immer schönen.

    Herzliche Grüße


  5. Don´t sell her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this picture ! Tiefsinnig und verträumt , eine unschlagbare Kombination. Ich liebe meine Routine und den Alltag, berechenbar und unchaotisch, das gibt mir viel Energie. Wie kommt das bloß? Und trotzdem braucht man immer wieder das Besondere, nicht Alltägliche, das gibt dann noch zusätzliche Lebensenergie. Love, Caro

  6. She's gorgeous! Love, love, love here eyes and pose! Wow! So lovely to hear from you Silke, much love to you :D Julie

  7. I know just what you mean. She is so pretty...

  8. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with trouble getting back into my routine after a fun weekend! It's now almost been a week and I'm finally feeling like things are humming along nicely... Wishing you a great day!! Love, Silke

  9. She is, indeed, gorgeous ~ expressive, and delightful ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. Loving your new painting.....daydreaming is definitely the way to go............ Happy PPF, Annette x

  11. She has beautiful eyes. Keep daydreaming!!

  12. Beautiful- I love the expression in her eyes- perfect for day dreaming!
    Happy PPF,

  13. I was a day dreamer too~ Watching the clouds when i could have been learning math... i still think it was a good choice, i still watch and even follow clouds.

    it must feel good to be back in the flow of your art. this is a lovely painting full of feeling.

  14. OOooo I missed this post. Beeeeutiful! I love the eyes, and yes, I see bits of you in her. Dreaming! I am a professional day dreamer. To quote a favorite poet of mine, Lacey Roop: "I'm not sleeping; I'm DREAMING...there's a difference, mister!" **happy day dreaming** Deb

  15. She looks very pensive. Is she having to change her routine? Good eyes, too.

    Happy PPF!

  16. Lovely daydream painting!
    The cool blues are beautiful, and her expression is exquisite!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  17. I have come to accept that my creative rhythm requires a few days to get back into a routine before my muse really stops by to play. I have fought that for years, but now I just accepting it as my way. I think the background you picked for this very thoughtful girl is perfect- it lets her shine!

  18. Your girl is beautiful, if it resembles you sure that you are belisima, has a look of dream. Saludos

  19. She's beautiful! I love her expression and how calm she is. The background is just perfect too! Happy PPF!

  20. Very dreamy and beautiful! What a great expression you captured!

    I'm with you - getting back after being away is challenging!

  21. It's a lovely painting - and she does have a dreamy feel to her. I like the blues you used. Normally, I can hop back into a routine but lately I've been having a rough time of it. Maybe it's because I work more hours at my part-time job, so I am still struggling to find the "perfect balance." I have hope, though!

  22. Lovely picture. I always try to paint these type of painting but something gets wrong. I am wondering to learn a paininting in professional way.

  23. beautifully done...I admire your paintings and think I can learn from you...wonderful shadings and layers of paint bring out the personality in this young woman you! I too was a day dreamer...thanks for the memories. and HPPF1

  24. She has amazing eyes, absolutely full of dreams.

  25. Lovely painting, she does really have a dreamy, far away look in her clear eyes, Wonderful!

  26. Wow Just beautiful!! This is my second goose bump post today!! My gauge for excellence! Probably because it touched me so much!! I too was called a daydreamer more times than I could ever count!! If at anytime I felt bored my mind wandered off!!Thankfully today with the internet and so many interesting things at my finger tips I'm rarely if ever bored!! I would imagine most creatives are daydreamers... Personally I detest routine, so I am like you I need to get readjusted to it if it breaks!! Great post! Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of yourself!!

    Hugs Giggles

  27. I would need a routine to start with.... if I think about it I probably use the ritual of tea making to get started in the studio and that helps me resettle... this is just a lovely painting and I think there is a real dreamy atmosphere...xx