Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scarves Galore

(click on any of the photos to see more detail)

I have been so remiss in showing you what I've been knitting lately! Scarves, scarves and then some more scarves. I've been selling lots of my lacy ones (click here to see the few left) and am down to my last few balls of yarn for those. Even though they've been fun to make and I've sold many, many of them over the last two years, I am looking forward to retiring that particular scarf and keep moving in new directions.
Like this scarf, which I think is my absolute favorite so far! It is so free-spirited and colorful. It's knit from recycles sari rayon yarn (which has brilliant colors and a wonderful drape), on the diagonal with rows of sari silk ribbon. It was a joy to knit and a joy to gaze at! (And I just sold it to a dear friend in California! Thank you, Tina!!! You made my day!!)
Here a scarf that's warm, cuddly, soft and great also for a guy (don't want to forget about the guys!)

This one I think you've already seen in a treasury. It is so scrumptious in its fall colors! Somehow seeing it makes me hungry for pumpkin pie and cranberry relish. Oh, heck, make it a whole turkey dinner!

Another scarf great for a guy - warm, super long, cuddly and knit on smaller needles, so it's a little denser.

Here I just had fun playing with the ruffled edge and the two very soft and very fun yarns. I love the combination of gray and pink! It's a long scarf that can be wrapped and will keep you plenty warm!
Ok, here is another scarf knit from the most gorgeous turquoise recycled sari silk yarn. It is soft, it is long, it is drapey, it is dreamy!
However, my camera refused to take a photo that accurately shows the delicious color and even trying to adjust the colors in Photoshop was impossible. It's a mystery to me, although I am sure it wouldn't be if I read the camera instructions...
The photo above has some little snippets of the turquoise silk yarn and the color is a little closer to what it really is - except that it's even deeper.
The blue scarf above and the brown guy scarf below have already sold. They were both so soft and warm and huggable!
(If you are interested in any of the above and some other goodies in my shop, click here.)

I know I said I'd only be blogging sporadically, but as soon as I wrote that, I am finding all kinds of things I want to tell you about. Funny how that happens... So, you may hear from me more often than I thought!

Wishing you a most wonderful and relaxing Sunday!!


  1. Liebe Silke,

    alles ist sehr schön. Am besten gefällt uns dein Foto: ganz deutlich.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  2. I love all of your beautiful scarves Silke, i'm so glad you seem to have found a real true love in what you are making!!

    Micki x

  3. very pretty Silke..they are all uniquely gorgeous!

  4. The purple svarf is so beautiful!!!

  5. Crud! I mistype so fast. SCARF! Ugh. Tsup!

  6. We agree on the favorite! Bellissima!

  7. I love your scarves Silke!! I'm doing the same thing these days...crocheting though. In between custom orders I mean. {NOT complaining!! ^_^} I especially love the guy scarves. We so often leave them out. Those look fabulous!! Okay, I'm off! Have a good rest of the restful Sunday! :-)

  8. Many scarves and all beautiful! That first one is especially lovely. You do have a knack for creating cuddly, eye-catching scarves!

  9. Omg, Silke!! I love them all. I am a huge scarf girl!! These are so beautiful!!

  10. The colours are gorgeous! It looks so soft,so pampering.


  11. The scarves are lovely, Silke! I love your use of color and texture. Plus, they look nice and warm. Great job! :) Theresa

  12. Your scarves are lovely, Silke! They look so warm and cuddly. Perfect for the chilly weather.

    Have a wonderful time!

  13. So very beautiful Silke - I love all the colors and textures. You have chosen some fabulous fibers to knit with! Someone is going to have a wonderful Christmas if they get these as their Christmas gifts!


  14. All lovely, but I particularly like the sound of the description of the sari silk fiber ones... You have been very busy with those knitting needles.

  15. Deine Schals sind wirklich Klasse.
    Den auf dem ersten Foto finde ich besonders schön.
    Ich mag die bunte fantasievolle Art
    Liebe Grüße

  16. i had one overriding thought looking through this post:

    yup, silke's an artist.
    yup, she is.

  17. i actually had two overriding thoughts looking through this post:

    the second: oh wait until lori sees these!!!

  18. LOVE the soft cuddly one for're SO talented!!!!
    Getting back to you with regards to the lavender was done in Acrylics...I haven't used oils for YEARS...
    Thanks always for your sweetness and kind know they are much appreciated...ALWAYS.

  19. LOVE your beautiful creations!

  20. Greetings,Oh Beautiful One! I have had internet "connectivity" issues which were just resolved yesterday, so I arrive quite late. Thank heavens I already own several of your lacy scarves! I am in love with all of the new ones and amazed at how prolific you are! Goodness. **head spins and pops off** By the way, THAT is your color. You own it. Off to drool on your ETSY. Wishing you and Daniel a most Happy Thanksgiving. **blows kisses** Deb

  21. Your scarves are just gorgeous, Silke.
    I am so thankful for you.
    Love and hugs.

  22. Silke, dearest, This Sunday morning, you are on my mind. Hope all is well with you and Daniel and Winslow too. Take care dearest one.