Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camera Play

Yesterday I was quite busy and didn't have much time to play. I had a special order scarf to knit, several scarves to mail off to their new homes, paperwork to attend to, and errands to run.
So, I didn't get to play with my paints, but when I saw the pretty branches a friend had brought us on Sunday ...
next to our pretty lamp, I grabbed the camera for just a couple of minutes and snapped these photos.
I played without thinking of what I was doing, just for fun.
And I was quite impressed with the photos...
Clearly, Winslow was not! He thought I should put the camera away and rather play with him! He was right, of course!
Thanks for playing "Eye Spy" with me and the little lizard yesterday! I love when I capture little creatures like that ... or big creatures, like the one above!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!


  1. very pretty lamp, you could take such nice bokeh images Silke!


  2. Pretty pictures! Creative fun is the best, isn't it? And that Winslow -- I had to laugh at his expression. He's such a devil dog! ☺

  3. Hahahah! Look at that expression on Winslow's face! Precious! I can see you having fun! Have a lovely day, Lovely Silke!

  4. I absolutely love the 2nd shot above...and Winslow...in any shot! :-)

  5. Well, red *is* my favorite color, so I am utterly impressed with the photos.
    Poor Winslow.....having to wait for mom to turn her attention to him. (I think he survived though....heehee!)
    Seriously, love the pics!


  6. Wonderful fotos full of atmosphere...and Winslow...those eyes are out of this world and he should get a job dong "Werbung" for Maybelline or Jade or L´oreal or Max Factor...I´d gladly be his agent:) He has better made up eyes than I do!!!

  7. I LOVE the "grateful for" spot above your profile!!! DeLovely. Don't ya just love digital and being able to take a million shots and see them all for FREEEEEE! You got some beauties. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. Schöne Farbkombinationen hast Du da eingefangen. Sieht herbstlich, feierlich und kuschlig aus:-)

  9. The photos are just fantastic, Silke. You should use them in your paintings...

  10. Liebe Silke,

    von uns beiden herzliche Grüße.
    Wir freuen uns immer wieder
    über deine schönen Fotos.

    Alles Liebe
    Angela und Elisabeth

  11. Very gorgeous, Silke. The berries look so lovely against the light. Winslow is so cute - who could ever resist that face! Theresa

  12. Definitely like those beautiful photos. It gives a great, warm, fall feeling.

  13. Very artsy my friend - only you would think to take photos like this. They are very lovely - love the colors~~