Monday, November 8, 2010

Can you spy ...

... the tiny little visitor?
(If you click on the photo you can see a larger version.)

This was, of course, a few days ago when it was still pretty warm. I'm always amazed at how fast things can change here. About a week ago, we still had near summer temperatures and this morning Daniel had to scrape frost off the car windshield!

I hope you are cozy and warm as we get going with this new week!


  1. ~oh my goodness...i was so focused on the fence pole...the brown thing on the round part {thought maybe it was a butterfly} that i clicked to zoom and had to zoom even further a few more times to realize i was merely looking at a piece of a dead flower wasn't until i zoomed back out wondering what you had found did i notice your little friend! amazing what we may miss when our eyes are only focused on one thing...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Great post Silke! I had to look 2 times before I found him! lol How cute! I almost missed him! Have a great Monday! :)

  3. Oh I saw him/her! I'm not a fan of lizards but somehow you've made this one cute! :)

    It's been beautiful here too. T-shirt weather in North November. UNREAL! But this too shall pass :)

    have a great week Silke!

  4. We woke up to snow, sleet, and rain and the temperature is not suppose to get above 45 today!...*sigh*...Your little friend would be a goner if he lived in these parts!! ^_^

  5. Hey there!

    I love those little guys! They remind me of New Orleans, where there were many and they ran like the devil! Lime green streaks!
    I have a photo of one on a white wrought iron chair somewhere....will have to dig....


  6. IT WORKED!!!!!!




  7. The weather here has been toying with us like a yo-yo. Didn't see the visitor until I clicked on the photo. Very cool Eye Spy!

  8. I spied the little guy. I hope he has some place warm to go when it gets cold.

  9. Yes i see him! our weather has done the same thing, last week we had a heat wave where temps were in the high 80's and now it's in the low 60's (which for us is cold,heehee).
    enjoy your week Silke!

  10. Frost!?!?! Holy Moly, that was quick! Our lizards never disappear here. Well, sometimes when the cats play with them... Enjoy your coolness, Beautiful One. **blows kisses** Deb

  11. Lol, what a cute little guy! It took me a few tries to find him :-)

  12. Oh how cute.
    Sunny all week last week.
    Rainy and cold this morning. It is supposed to be gone this afternoon though!!
    Stay warm and cozy.
    Have a great week.

  13. Isn't it amazing what's there in front of us when we open our eyes??

    We had rain over the weekend and now the sun is shinning bright. Everywhere I turn are droplets of crystal-like beauty from the rain.

    Thanks for sharing your little friend with us today :)

  14. HAHAHA silke, i had to look twice and i spotted him or her on a large leaf on the right side of the photo!

    okay, now i know better.... :)

    you had frost? i'm surprised. me too....


  15. Silke, I`m sure you know how it is here,by now---rain,rain-storm,and cold weather- like in your childhood Germany,- uuuhhh so cosy inside- I almost blew away, this morning having my tour close to the ocean....
    Have a cosy evening you too.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  16. All of the little critters have run for cover here, but it's Alaska after all and the snow and frost have taken over.
    xoxo Kim

  17. LOL! Me too! I had to make the image bigger so I could find your little friend!!
    The temp change is amazing at this time of year!!

  18. Leider ist das Wetter hier so richtig schäbig geworden. Sommertemperaturen? Schon vergessen, wie die sich anfühlen:-)

  19. Why did I see him first before the flowers? Oh yes! I love to hide them in my drawings. Hahahaha! Honestly, I am afraid of them.

  20. What a cute little guy! We had our first sleet storm on Monday - it made for a very dreary and nasty morning. Kind of nice to see a little sunshine and flowers. :) Theresa