Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Things

Farewell, my sweet lady! She was the first of my series of women portraits and still my favorite, and now she is going to live with the lovely and talented Sarah of theothermousie in the UK. I couldn't be happier that she found a good home!!

And take a look at this colorful bunch! I won a giveaway at Artsyville and received a wonderful little package of bookmarks, gift tags, cards and bottle tags. Thank you, Aimee, I love it all!!
Speaking of giveaways, while I was on vacation, I won two big ones over at Januarywish: 250 free printed greeting cards and 500 free business cards from Now I just have to decide which image to use and how to design them. Thank you Melissa! I feel like the luckiest girl!!

Now, to close, a few pictures from our evening out last night. We visited the rooftop bar we had discovered a few weeks ago and sat, sipping a beer and eating some delicious calamari (with a curry mayonnaise, which we weren't too sure about at first, but ended up loving!) and looking out on the Savannah river and our huge port. We normally aren't bar people at all, but the view is so amazing that we are planning to make this a weekly ritual - such a wonderful and relaxing spot!!

Daniel took this really (really!) unflattering photo of me eating, but when I looked closely, I loved the reflection in my sunglasses. (Click on any of the photos to see them bigger.)
Some of you may not like this view, but there's something about commercial ports that Daniel and I both love - the big container ships, the huge cranes, even the warehouses.
Tug boats going out to meet a cargo ship.

Just as we were leaving a big cargo ship came into the harbor with containers from Hamburg - a little greeting from my home country.

Later at home relaxing with the critters and a good book...
Hope you all had a fun and inspiring weekend!


  1. Hi Silke,
    Your painting is beautiful. I'm sure Sarah will be thrilled. Love that picture of you that your hubby took. What a great shot of the reflection in your sunglasses. have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh you're one lucky girl to have won all those! Congrats! Nice Photos -the red of the cargo ship is stunning! You have beautiful paintings, Silke! :)

  3. wonderful painting and congrats on winning the giveaways! :)

    lovely homecoming shots

  4. Congrats on your beautiful girl going to a great home! I loved your photos!!
    Congratulations on the giveaway winnings too!

  5. Hi Silke! Congrats on your news and well deserved goodies! Great photos! Love the one with you and your sweet critters. Have a wonderful week!

    Lisa :)

  6. Hi Silke....wonderful that she is heading to a new home....and I love all your photos!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!!


  7. Silke, I have an idea for you. Why don't you make a photo book of all your ladies? You know, the kind of book you can make on and similar sites. I bet it would be a fun keepsake to have, especially as time goes by.

  8. Uuuhhhh, calamari with curry mayonnaise - unusual, but I will take your word for it that it was good! Must be lovely looking out over the harbor during dinner. And congrats on being so lucky!

  9. oh! its a lovely view, i am just so luicky to live near harbour and enjoying the same view you have within walking distance...

    lovely portrait, your sweet lady! glad she found a lovely home and i bet she will be hang in a place where she can be admired by many!

  10. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be receiving my picture very soon! I feel so honoured.

    Beautiful pictures as always (love the reflection!) & congrats on winning - you lucky thing xxx

  11. Silke, your home, yeah, yeppeee!
    Your holiday photo's look awesome.
    I missed you, but it is for a great reason. I special your and your hubby time to spend a dream time away! How great is this!

  12. Hi Silke,
    I just returned after 3 dayes on the mainland, with my little family,and as you write : wonderfull to be home, and wonderfull to travel. And ended you have had a fantastic trip with your husband, thanks for wonderfull pictures, dear.'
    And congratulations with all the wonderfull giveawayes you won-lucky you.
    I understand it was a little hard parting with your lovely lady, she is wonderfull.

    Hugs, Dorthe

  13. Congrats on you sale - that is always the best feeling and also all those great giveaways you received, how excellent!

    You always post such lovely photos from your everyday life and it seems to me you lead a beautiful life and visit lots of great places. Good on you :D

  14. Look how beautiful you are and how adorable is your hubby!!! I have an award for you on my blog....

  15. Have I ever said How much I enjoy seeing all the different icons you post of yourself eating yummy food( I am sure)!! They crack me up!!

  16. Silke, I've missed you. Welcome home, I followed your travel blog and am glad you had a good time. I read your interview and feel honored that you named me as a blog you like to visit. Thank you. Although it is fun to travel it is always good to be home glad you are back.

  17. Oh, bon voyage, beautiful lady! I hope you enjoy your new home across the pond. What will you see with your big green eyes, I wonder....

    Silke! Congratulations on all the fantastic wins. Such a lucky month for you! Aimee's art is an incredible color explosion. KaPOW!

    Loved all the wonderful photos, including the sunglasses. Haha! What's with Daniel and his affection for capturing you eating? :D

  18. Lovely painting! You won so many goodies, Congrats! I love the pictures of the harbor.

  19. Hi! Welcome back! Congratulations on all the givaways you've won. That's terrific!

    I loved seeing all the travel photos you've posted. The Colorado/New Mexico area is one of my absolute favorite places, too. Lucky you!

  20. I love all of the post, so fun to see the ships.
    Congrats on your prizes.
    Bobbi is back in the hospital and she wanted me to thank you so much for the scarf, she says it is just gorgeous and so sorry she hasn't been able to write.
    You are so sweet to that for her, it means so much to her.
    Have a great week you dear woman.

  21. Hi Silke! Sara is lucky to have your picture...
    I love the photo of the reflection on your glasses, congratulations to your husband...The last photo is very beautiful with your pets.

  22. I love the painting! I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye, but it is going to a very good home. Love all of your photos, too.