Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear People, Vast Skies and Colored Rocks

Oh, wow, so much is happening just as I am having such limited Internet access - I am noticing how much I love being connected to the world and you all!!

Daniel and I are still in New Mexico and having a wonderful time! It's amazing how much this beautiful place still feels like home to us. We've been driving a lot and seeing many of our family and friends, which has fed our hearts and nourished our souls!

There's something about the stark and awesome New Mexico landscape that speaks to me in a way that only the ocean does where we live now. By the end of this post, you'll be on photo overload, but I hope you'll enjoy traveling along with us!

I got to help our good friends put together some cabinets at their cabin, which I enjoyed immensely. I just love puzzles like that - very satisfying to my analytical mind!
Dinner with a number of very dear friends!!
And some precious time spent with one of our dearest friends in Albuquerque (actually, she is like family to us). This amazing lady is in her mid-80's and constantly exploring new things. At the moment, she is learning to paint with pastels and is quite good at it!!
We got to go to a Labor Day celebration with her and hear an amazing folk band play. Did I ever tell you that Daniel and I used to play in a folk band with our friend and her husband, who sadly passed away three years ago? Daniel played the hammered dulcimer and I played the folk harp and mountain dulcimer. We had so much fun playing and performing!! So many great things to do ... so little time!
We saw some amazing storms on our drives!

On our way to the Jemez mountains - one of my favorite New Mexico landscapes!

Dinner with Daniel's sister, Patti, and her husband, Dana (a very talented photographer), at their amazing place in a canyon in the Jemez Mountains. When we arrived, I had a bad cold. Patti did a Reiki treatment on me and by that evening, my cold was almost gone. The next day, I felt totally fine! She's also an amazing vedic astrologer! You can read more about her here.
Almost everyone we stayed with has dogs, which meant we got plenty of doggie lovin'!

The beautiful area in the Jemez mountains. Don't you just love the colors of the rocks?!

Daniel on an early morning hike while I was still snoozing...
We are heading back to Savannah tomorrow, which means that this weekend I'll finally get to visit your blogs again! Can't wait!!

Oh, before I forget, I was interviewed on the lovely blog "We Blog Artists." Make sure to head on over and take a look!


  1. You are stunningly beautiful!!! The mountains are pretty too...

  2. Aww Silke - what beautiful photos - you are so lucky to have such wonderful family & friends. Thank you so much for sharing these precious memories with us!

    Love to you & can't wait to see you back here with us xxx

  3. Lovely to see you are both having a special time with family and friends. Stunning views in New Mexico. See you when you get back in your home blog space!:)
    Take care.
    Jo May.x

  4. Lovely photos and I am glad you are connecting with friends and family, but, truth be told, I have been missing you!! Looking forward to your coming back!!

  5. You look like youre having a really wonderful time! And I enjoyed your interview too :-)

  6. beautiful shots for sure - beautiful colors and rocks

  7. What a wonderful time! Blessings and congratulations! Be well.

  8. Hey Silke! I was missing you! I love your photos, it seems you had a wonderful trip, meeting wonderful people...I didn't know you play the harp, very interesting...You've done a lot of things, I wanna be more like you! hehe.

  9. Compelling photo journaling.
    Guess they don't call it "the land of enchantment" for nothin'.

  10. Pictures do tell stories! It shows how much fun you had! I love the color of the rocks! I too enjoy putting cabinets and stuff together! :)

  11. what a gorgeous part of the country! it's been a long time since i've been that far west....i'm so glad that you're having a great time with your family and friends!! :)

  12. New Mexico is so beautiful Silke. I have been there a few times and I loved it too.

    Enjoy and don't forget to stick your nose out and smell the air.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Oh Silke,
    Great for you to visit friends and family, what a beautifull trip.
    Thanks for taking me on such a wonderfull travel.
    xo, Dorthe

  14. I had no idea that you played the folk harp! I started playing in my tweens or early teens, but my lovely folk harp teacher stopped teaching not long after I'd started with her. So it's not something I've really kept up, but I do still have a small 28 stringed one with lovely light string tension. Do you still own a harp? how big and what brand?

  15. gorgeous photos!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!

  16. What a great trip you've been having - lovely photos!

  17. Wow, beautiful pictures! I am jealous!!

  18. I loved visting your travels in this post. Seeing your life happening in such a fulfilling way is very encouraging to me. I would love to someday have a piece of this picture you have painted for me. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I do know in my heart that I will be ok. I just have to get through this part and I will be a happy people again. Thank you Silke.

  19. Oh my! What a beautiful landscape. I have to go to New Mexico!

    How lucky are you to have a Reikki master for a friend? Aaah!