Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Evening Stroll

Suddenly tonight, Daniel asked if I'd like to go to the beach for a little walk. At first I thought: "Oh, no, I have to make dinner and this wasn't at all what I had planned for tonight." I couldn't believe how hard it is sometimes for me to be spontaneous and I think it's getting worse as I get older.

So, we got in the car and, of course, had a wonderful time. The sunset was spectacular, the tide was very high, there were very few people at the beach, the air was perfect and the water warm.
Driving along the marsh toward the beach, we realized just how very high the tide was tonight!
Happy Daniel with his feet in the water...
A sandpiper walking with us much of the way.

Pelicans flying overhead.
Hilton Head in the distance.

I loved the detail on this old and battered shell.
Happy, happy...
And, as our good friend Beth says, our photo sets wouldn't be complete without one of our long-armed self-portraits. The wind always does weird things to my hair and the salt in the air makes my hair stay that way even after we get back in the car...
I've had a busy day running lots of errands and haven't gotten to visit your blogs or paint at all. Being back from our trip and Daniel starting to teach again this week has had us both trying to get lots of things done. Tomorrow I hope that everything will calm down and I'll be able to spend some time with you and with my paints!


  1. Isn't it amazing how hard it can be to just be spontaneous and in the moment?? But the walk on the beach looks as if it was lovely!!

  2. whenever i see those longarmed pics of you and Daniel i just think how great you look together - so glad you were defiant of your ole homebody self and let fly free to the beach
    i was there for a wee moment with you
    wading in the high tide

  3. Seeing your photos, and you and Daniel makes me smile and feel peaceful!

  4. You guys look good together! Oh wow, so nice to be able to have access to such a beautiful beach! Sounds like you guys really had fun!

  5. We have the hardest time being spontaneous as well. Almost every time we get out and "just do it", we end up enjoying every minute of whatever little adventure we decided to undertake. That beach looks like a wonderful place for a walk.

  6. Beautifull pictures Silke, Exp. the one of you and your husbond.
    I too can`t be spontaneously very easy, have to work with that.Thanks.

  7. Your life is very good, at least that is what your pictures say about you.
    It is also very good to drop all the things one 'has to do' and take a walk, really looking and enjoying the scenery and each other's company.
    May you have many more opportunities to do just that!

  8. I kind of like your windblown hair. Looks a little punky.

    Did you make that pretty necklace you're wearing?

  9. You live in such a special place, so beautiful! Enjoy those times!

  10. Good for you for stepping out of your routine. That is what I want for my husband and myself. It is so hard to do but so fun when it happens, as your pictures prove. Way to go!!!

  11. I am glad you went and had a great time, both of you. The beach looks alluring. And both of you, such a beautiful looking couple.

    I enjoyed looking at your older posts and paintings as well. You're very talented.


  12. What a wonderful spontaneous outing, Silke! Love the photos! Good for you - far too much time spent in the kitchen anyway!

  13. lucky you to be close enough to take walks on the beach whenever the mood strikes...I'm soooooo jealous !

  14. I have a hard time too Silke! It's like I have 10 million things I 'need' to get done and sometimes I want to walk away from it all but I don't. I wish I had a beach to take a stroll on, it looks lovely and what a romantic night it must have been!
    Your life is so inspiring to me!!

  15. Good for you...taking that step and doing something unscheduled leads to wonderful times!

  16. You are such a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing your peaceful and lovely walk. Hugs Annika ;)

  17. beautiful tybee shots - I was looking at my shots from two years ago and thinking I want to go back.

  18. Very nice images of the beach. You both look very relaxed and happy after your holiday.:)
    Where you live looks lovely!
    Thank you for entering the giveaway draw. See you again soon!
    Best wishes.

  19. Beautiful blog - visually!! Love the pics - looks ideal!!

    Being in Ghana, the beach is not far away, but it is never peaceful nor quiet, so very nice to see a glimpse of yours.

    Will keep visiting!

    All the best
    Holli in Ghana

  20. your walk on the beach looks like the perfect end to the day! and you are such a cute, cute couple!! :)

  21. thanks for sharing - I can end my blogging feeling relaxed like I've been walking on the beach!

  22. Hi Silke! It looks very beautiful and relaxing, I like the photos. Your hair was very funny, hehe.

  23. Silke, i love all your photos...looks like you had a happy, peaceful vacation! WHOO HOO!!! My hubby and I always do the "long-armed" self portraits...or I should say I make him do them with me!! : )
    anxious to see some new paintings!

  24. Hi everyone,

    sounds like I am not the only one needing to get away from the to-do lists. It IS good to be spontaneous, isn't it? Love all your comments, you wonderful people!!

    Hugs, Silke

  25. Wow Silke - how wonderful was that stroll & how lucky you are!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us all again. Love the one of you & Daniel at the end.

    Take care

    Sarah xx

  26. Looks like a wonderful time....glad you said "yes"

  27. Oh, I'm so glad you got all spontaneous-like and did the walk, and especially that you shared that beautiful scenery with us. Those photos are all just soooo beautiful! And hey, I really like your hair like that, a lot! Funky punky!