Saturday, January 11, 2020


Happy weekend, friends!

I was going to post a blog post last week, but I should have known that that wasn't going to happen. Last week was add/drop week at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), when student can add and drop classes without any financial consequences.
View from the building where I work
What that means is that it is REALLY busy. We have walk-in hours all day every day during that week when students can see us without appointments.
Student work in one of the buildings - it's huge!
It's also the week when most of the departments have student orientations and faculty meetings, which we try to go to.
One of the School of Design buildings decorated with clown shoes
I advise all graduate students in Design for Sustainability, Industrial Design, Design Management, Service Design, Creative Business Leadership, Writing and Dramatic Writing (for theater, movies or television).
From an exhibit at the SCAD Museum of Art
Altogether, I advise about 450 students. It was so fun to see many of them again after winter break, as well as the professors. Yes, we are busy but for me it is incredibly fulfilling work.
The view from my parking garage
As an added bonus, I get to be around art and creativity all day long and work smack-dab in the middle of historic downtown Savannah (although it's a little dangerous that I work only a block from the main shopping street).

Next week will be a lot calmer and I won't have evening meetings to go to, so hopefully I'll check in a little more often.

I wish you all a beautiful Saturday!



  1. Hello Silke, you have beautiful views from your work place, and it sounds busy and exciting at the same time.

  2. Oh poor you, someone has to work in beautiful surroundings! :-)
    I must get to Savannah sometime. Last time I was there, Richard and visited in the mid 1980's!

  3. wow. I remember when you started painting! what a wonderful job you have. so glad.

  4. So happy for you, Congrats Silke! It must feel wonderful to work there and be surrounded by art and creative energy all day. Enjoy your new adventure