Sunday, January 5, 2020

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Aside from the Edward Hopper exhibit, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts was beyond impressive. We had no idea how huge it is and only saw about a third of its collection. It definitely calls for another trip!
The Faberge flowers were exquisite.

Ancient art from east and west.

This was a huge piece of art "painted" entirely with pins. I would not have the patience!

This painting was equally large and painted in layers with resin in between, which gave it a lot of depth.

 The details in this piece were stunning as well!

As we were eating lunch we watched this bridal party taking photos. They must have been freezing as it was not a warm day!

We were lucky in the timing of our trip. Just three days before, this statue was moved from Times Square in New York City to it's new permanent location at the VMFA.

A magnificent work of art!
Hopefully you enjoyed this little stroll through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It's definitely worth a visit! I know we'll be back...

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday! We are getting ready for the start of school tomorrow. Let the fun begin! :)



  1. Wow - I love the "pin" art and the Fabergé flowers!
    Your post has made me realise that I have not been to a museum or gallery for way too long.

  2. I most certainly did enjoy your photos! Thanks very much for sharing them here. xx

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