Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Soooo....this happend!

Meet Lola, the latest addition to the Powers family. She adopted us about 10 days ago and is keeping us busy, busy, busy!

But she also keeps us laughing and playing, which is always good.
Winslow was not so sure at first about this little thing trying to play with him.
But then he quickly moved into the roll of the big brother and is teaching her everything good and also a little bit of mischief. As it should be!
Even though Lola sleeps in her crate at night, she tries to catch as many naps with Winslow as she can.
She is a retriever/American bulldog mix and we think she'll get to be a midsize dog. She's met all of the cats and they are surprisingly sweet with her, only bringing out the claws when she gets too wild.
I hope you've all been doing well! As we settle into our new routine (as much as that's possible with a puppy), I hope to get back to my blog more often...



  1. Puppys are the best! Congratulations. I hope you all enjoy many happy years together. She is a real cutie.

  2. Herzlich Willkommen Lola, ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit bei deiner neuen Familie.

    Liebe Grüße


  3. Oh my!! so sweet, I think I am totally in love! Congrats..enjoy!!

  4. Eure Lola ist ja goldig.

    Liebe Grüße Brigitte

  5. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets right? (You must know that song!)
    Sweet puppy, I know you are busy. xx

  6. what could be better than puppies? Well, maybe kittens... ;) all the best to you, your husband, and your fur kids.

  7. Oh lovely!! Lola is super sweet and looks very young; I don't know at what age puppies usually are weaned from their mothers but I am sure she is perfectly happy in her new home, with all two- and four-legged family members looking after her :-)