Thursday, March 17, 2016

Art and Much More

Another week has passed and it's been a busy one. It's also been a week where spring has arrived complete with sunshine, warm air - a few days felt downright summery - and tree pollen, which is giving everything a thick dusting of light green and making many people sneeze.
I've been busy painting. Small paintings like this horse. Can you see it in the background photo below?
Another small painting - a fun bird!
I saw him right away in the shapes of the background below.
This was the final small painting of this last week. Love the closeup of the owl face. The horse and the owl have already flown off to their new homes. This little paintings don't stick around for long. I'm grateful!  
Now here finally is the finished large painting of the alligator and his friend, the kingfisher. This is such a fun canvas size - 12 x 36 inches (31 x 91 cm).
I loved painting this keeping my palette to three colors plus white: Naphthol Red, Payne's Grey and Phthalo Green (blue shade). 

The funny thing is that I started the background with the red and blue because I still had a lot on my palette from another painting and didn't want to waste it.
Then I liked it so much that I only added the green for the gator and left it at that. I like both challenges - using many colors and making it work or using only two or three.
This was a very quick sketch for a larger painting I want to do soon.  I liked her pose.
Aside from making art, I went to the beach one morning just for a long walk. It was so beautiful. 
 The sun was shining and it was warm. Even warm enough to walk barefoot and put my feet in the (still cold) water.

Then, one evening I met Daniel in town after he was done teaching and we spent some time at our favorite rooftop restaurant/bar on the Savannah River.
We were in luck in that two big container ships made their way past us.
A perfect evening!
Of course with the warmer weather nature is exploding and with that our garden. Even the frogs are coming out of hibernation... 
And our fig tree, which last week was still completely bare, now is full of leaves and already has little figs growing. How amazing is that?!
I'm linking - as usual - to the fun and always inspiring Paint Party Friday. It's always an inspiration to visit everyone's beautiful art blogs!

And to you all a beautiful, warm, sunny and creative week!!

With love and joy,



  1. Fantastische Kunst und herrliches Strandimpressionen!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. wundervolle Bilder deiner Kunst so farbenfroh!
    Wie schön dein Strandfeeling...
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  3. Deine Werke und dazu die schönen Bilder vom Strand! Herrlich! Genau so starte ich ins Wochenende. Voller "Vibrant Life" :-) Thank you! Mmmmwwwaaahhhh (smooch)

  4. Beautiful art as usual, Silke! And thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. It does look like a fun day/evening. Any chance you could send some of that warm weather to Michigan??!

  5. Wow, wow, wow...gorgeous post.
    The horse is my fav. it's marvellous and awesome.
    I'm waiting for a painting of the beautiful sketch.
    Happy PPF xx

  6. Wow Silke, your work just gets better and better. Thanks for sharing he wonderful photos, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  7. Beautiful pieces of art. We've had some nice warm days too, but now it's over and back to winter again.

  8. gorgeous vibrant paintings Silke!! I do see the animals you paint but could never finish them as you have-wow. And huge thanks for sharing the awesome beach pictures - I am SO dying to get to the beach again and can almost smell that fresh salt air:) Not familiar with that lighthouse-where are you? Enjoy and happy PPF!

  9. What a fabulous post!! Each one of those paintings is too stunning for words... I LOVE them so much...the colours are beyond compare...I hope you use them as a set of prints or cards...the way the light hits the horse. The adorable owl with the most scrumptious face...that colourful bird...just wow. That huge alligator I see in an office. I would be so drawn to all these images in a store.. You NEED to have a huge art show your work is so professionally stunning!! It's been so amazing to watch you evolve! Please NEVER underestimate your talent.. I could see these images on shirts, bags, mugs... so so pretty!!
    Thanks for sharing, so glad you found your perfect style!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. This paintings are fabulous!I love these animal pieces. :)

  11. I love the colours... and the animals emerging is awesome... as it spring arriving... partly because that means that perhaps autumn will be on its way for us!!!!

  12. How nice to see so many of your lovely paintings, such a change to your style. I received one of your paintings a few years ago as your give away gift. I display it in my holiday cottage, as it gets seen by so many different nationalities, I'm often asked if I know the artist , and I explain 'only through the world of bloging ' I do feel you have had a complete uplift in your life , from your dark days. to your now colourful paintings.

  13. It feels full of Spring here, beautiful pictures too! Your art is fabulous, it's flowing and blooming, full of Spring energy, springing with life and colour, gorgeous pieces!

  14. oh so beautiful! Very lovely! Happy PPF!

  15. OMG I love the beach pictures and the sketch of the woman and the BIRDS! Such a lovely post. Thanks! xo

  16. This is a wonderful post. Love your art. All your photos are fabulous. Have a great Sunday.

  17. Liebe Silke das sind wieder ganz wunderschöne Werke, mein Favorit das tolle türkise Krokodil mit dem Vogel drauf. Aber auch die Skizze des Mädchens ist traumhaft schön und locker skizziert, würde ich mir so schon aufhängen wollen.
    Ja und deine tollen Fotos sind auch ein Genuß. Bin schon ganz grün vor Neid weil du so nah am Wasser wohnst. ;) Ich liebe das Meer, Muscheln und im Sand barfuß zu laufen.
    Liebe Grüße