Friday, March 20, 2015

Finding Routine

This year I am determined to find a routine that works for me. A flexible routine because I always need space for changes and spontaneity. 
Love is Kind
Acrylics on 11 x 14 inch canvas

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Part of that has been trying to figure how to blog, when to blog and most importantly how often.
When I first started my blog, that was all there was. I'd do a little art (not quite daily) and I'd blog (daily). Now, six years later that has changed dramatically!
Now I spend most of my day - every day - painting. And I'm very active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get my art out there and seen (and to connect with all my friends). Plus, I have an Etsy shop, an Artfinder Gallery Store, a Society6 shop and my new website to maintain and keep fresh, which takes a good bit of time. And then there's the rest of life...
Instead of always feeling like I'm neglecting my blog, I decided I will post every Friday. If I have art to show I'll link to Paint Party Friday, my favorite art blog hop!
The more creative my life becomes, the more I find I am in need of a little structure that gives it all a good framework so I have time and energy for everything I want to do! And I seem to be figuring it out!
Do you need a little bit of a routine? What works well for you?

Linking to the wonderful and inspiring Paint Party Friday.

With lots of love and light on this gloomy first day of Spring!



  1. Love your colourful giraffe. Routine is good, but sometimes I need to break out! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your giraffe is so cute.. I love the colors !
    Routine is boring... I like to have not to much !

  3. Brilliant paintings Silke,
    I know exactly what you mean by trying to get a routine... I'm hopeless and it seems I'm constantly spinning plates!
    I suppose we could give up sleep but then heaven knows how the painting would come out ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Happy PPF to you

  4. Your giraffe is absolutely beautiful! I love your process and your choice of colors are wonderful!! :)

  5. Wonderful painting. I agree life can become far too busy with social media leaving no time to create. I now just post once a week. It leaves me time to concentrate on creative bits and yet still keeps my visual diary going and my connection with other great bloggers . Paint party Friday is a great place to share a once a week catch up.

  6. Gorgeous painting Silke! I too had to set some boundaries. Nine years ago I blogged daily for several years then it was four times a week then sporadically but at least twice and now it's once a week for paint party friday. I did one extra post this month..but that was rare!! If I felt like posting more I will but friday comes of so fast. I think instagram is a wonderful media for getting seen. My daughter who loves to take food photos and share everyday life gets so many offers for different things to do with being an influencer, she's had an article done on her Christmas sweater and a lot of her food photos end up in the newspaper straight off instagram. So yes set boundaries...take any negativity out of your life and enjoy creating as much as you can!! Do more of what you love!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I personally like routine. I guess whatever works best. Your giraffe is totally darling. Love those eyes. You really are in a different direction with your paintings. I like your animal paintings. Great job.

  8. How I love giraffes and your colorful painting of one is stunning! My blog is only going on its fourth year but I never blogged more than 2, 3 times tops a week. I don't blog more than twice a week for sure now because I do like my creative time! As it is, I'm rarely on FB nor do I have an iphone for instagram and all that. I imagine if I want to start promoting and selling my art though I will need to get with it:) Good for you to set your boundaries! Happy PPF!

  9. What a fresh and wonderful painting. I love the giraffe and all the colors.

  10. a very fine giraffe. i'm so glad you've found your legs, silke.

    i am quite sad about the deminishment of the blogs. probably because it's not a marketing tool for me (though I love the attention) nothing compares to blogging in my mind. those past days of support and community are etched in my heart.


  11. love your giraffe and I love routine - but.... I am thankful that my routine is flexible and even though there is structure in it the structure is flexible. Wish my body was as flexible... after working for two days - good number of hours each I think my last painting is complete and it is time to give my arms and eyes a break for a few days!!

  12. My dear Silke, whatever works for YOU is the best!
    I just hope you don't stop blogging since I don't do any of those other things! xx

  13. Your green giraffe is lovely, I think he is a young giraffe, he looks so gentle.
    As to routine, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's good not to have a routine, but calling into PPF is a good routine I think.

  14. Beautiful colours! Painting every day for most of the day .... WOW! Wish I could! I know how much time all the social media things take, and I'm not even on Instagram and Twitter. I have only been posting once a week on my blog for the last half year, and I kinda like that. The weeks go too fast, and I want to spend the little time I have painting and creating. The weekly PPF is perfect to catch up with everyone I think.

  15. Such very lovely, fantastic paintings! I love the way you paint and the bright colors. And wow such amazing eyes! Seems a little as me, or not.. at least I am painting so to say every day.. and I can never finish one piece before I start another.. I want so many things in one time.. and I love to try out new things. :)

  16. this is gorgeous! lovely giraffe! :)