Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Found my Voice!

Well friends, I don't know how it happened or why it happened at this time, but it seems that I have found my artistic voice. Out of all the playing and experimenting has come this series of animal paintings that seem to find no end.
I love painting them and I love sending them into the world to those who connect with them!
My mind is on overdrive with ideas, but otherwise beautifully quiet.
It's a feeling that I have had for the first time in my 48 years on this earth - the feeling that I am expressing all of me. I'm going to have to get used to that...
But I like it. And I like what's pouring out of me. I hope you do, too!!

Our cat Louie was the model for the cat and the wren is one of the many who live in our garden in total peace with our three cats! It's only natural that they should be in a painting together....
The horse and coyote have sold already, but the kitty with the wren is still in my Etsy Shop.

Wishing you a beautiful week!! With love and gratitude,



  1. And I celebrate with you! It's so nice to follow your authentic artistic process, so free you are to experiement! Your animals are so vibrant & sensitive I love how color & textures just pour from your soul!

  2. Oh, Silke, das Pferd ist der Hammer, zwar nicht unbedingt meine Farben, aber großartig gemalt!

    Begeisterte Grüße


  3. to have your voice, flow...

    how perfect!!!!

    i'm so happy, for you!!!


  4. Hi Silke,

    I'm so glad you found your calling or "voice". Your paintings are very inspiring and happy you sold some already. Keep the positive vibe going!

  5. I'm happy for you and love the work you are producing. I too have recently found good flow in my work when I concentrate on including my animals in what I create. I will have to check in here more often, watch your continued growth.

  6. Amazing...what a beautiful thing when you finally find your artist voice, your own style.... Good for you! These paintings are truly stunning...and the eyes emote something different in all of them!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. How wonderful that you have found your nitch in your love of art. It must make you feel whole with a drive and knowing what you want to do. Congratulations!! Enjoy!! I'm still looking for mine!!

  8. Silke, these are so beautiful! Congratulations on finding your voice! I love how expressive they all are.

  9. Oh, how I love your colorful and enchanting style! Your work fairly vibrates with a glow that reaches into the soul. I adore the birdie and kitty most of all. Congrats on finding your voice. I, too, know what a challenge that can be! Cindy from

  10. I love what's pouring out of you too! These paintings are stunning, I'm so happy to hear you're in the flow, it's an amazing feeling to be there isn't it? :)
    Jess xx