Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Light Heart

This painting perfectly reflects how I was feeling when I painted it: playful, colorful, happy, calm and yet full of energy with a light heart.
This piece evolved over several days. The deer I painted relatively quickly, but then followed several layers of color washes, paint and drips.
Each layer adds more depth and also more fun for me. I finished this on Sunday night and I keep staring at it. There is so much to see, so much to get lost in.
I tend to be a pretty serious person. I just am. I don't crack a lot of jokes, I take things seriously although I'm quick to laugh when there's an occasion, and I tend to think a lot. A lot! This play with paint is medicine to me.
It allows me to have fun while feeling inspired. To make my world colorful. To get my hands "dirty." To give my mind a break. And to create something beautiful in the process.
The spirit of the deer - I expected it to be calm and sweet, but I was surprised to also find it very playful for me. I'll try to remember that when I get too serious...

Wishing you a very light-hearted Tuesday. May it be filled with color and happiness!



  1. I love your animal series and each one that emerges has something to teach you for that day. wonderful.

  2. A fascinating colourful painting indeed - it causes me to instantly smile!

  3. I love this post Silke, a beautiful message and reminder for me today.. to lighten and nourish my soul..! The deer is soulful and gorgeous, isn't it amazing how creativity transpires and becomes...yes so neat the playful vibe shone through the deer energy! Magical!
    PS: I made a little thank you post for you on my art blog!