Monday, February 3, 2014

In the Fog & some Knitting

First all a hearty welcome to all my new followers! I always forget to do that, but this morning I noticed that my number of followers has surpassed 500. I still remember when I had my first follower who wasn't a friend or family - I was beyond excited! And this now is mind-boggling. Thank you all for continuing to keep up with my life!!
So, this morning when I woke up, it was beautifully sunny at our house. It had rained overnight and it was quite warm.
I quickly packed up Winslow and we headed to our favorite walking trail at Fort Pulaski.
By the time we got there, which is not far from our house at all, we were in dense fog and it stayed that way.
It was so atmospheric and beautiful that I spent much time snapping photos and Winslow kept having to wait for me to catch up.

You can barely make out the palm tree in the photo above and the great blue heron in the photo below.

Can you see the snowy egret flying in the above photo? in the next photo it had landed on the grass.

Winslow found a nice spot to eat some grass while I just looked around and soaked it all in. In the fog, everything was so soft and quiet. For a moment it seemed that time had stopped.  On the way back to the parking lot, a group of ibis greeted us.
I thought the fog would burn off but quite the opposite happened. When we got back home, the clouds had spread inland. It'll be an overcast day.

What do you think about our daffodils coming up already? Every year I am surprised at how early they bloom here. Give it another week especially now that it has warmed up again.
After all this fog I wanted to leave you with some color. I finished these huge woolen socks for myself yesterday. Today they will go into the washing machine to felt into thick and warm slippers. My feet are already looking forward to being toasty warm.
I bought the pattern for them here some years ago and have made many pairs for family and friends since then. It's like knitting socks for a giant, and it goes really fast. I'll show you pictures after they are felted and dry.

Wishing you a warm and colorful day!!



  1. -happy sigh- I love photos of fog. And mist. And etc. Which are all versions of the same thing, I guess.

    Love the softness... The way so much becomes invisible and seem to disappear... But the fog/mist wraps around you, like a protective blanket...

    And thank you for saying you enjoy YA Lit too. There are many, which are great fun reading. Not each and every one. But that's the same, with all forms of literature. It's what resonates with the individual.


  2. Das Foto mit dem Graureiher im Nebel finde ich sehr gelungen, liebe Silke.

    Beste Grüße für eine gute Woche


  3. Lovely photos - fog always puts a different slant and feel to a landscape. Love the 'giant' socks - it is amazing how they turn into warm and comfy warmth when washed.

  4. Love your shots in the fog! Especially the great blue heron and the ibis. Very few of those around here! Beautiful!

  5. Your photos of the fog are beautiful, and so ethereal. Daffodils in February must be rather strange, but lovely!



  6. Out of all these enchantingly beautiful pictures, the one with the blue heron is my favourite.

  7. Love the photos of the fog Silke! Must be wonderful to live so close to the beautiful nature and all the animals :) Hugs from Norway

  8. Wow, those photos are amazing .... Looks like a fairytale world. Love your socks! I hope you share them when they're felted ....