Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Painting in Progress

For this new work in progress, I am using a different approach. I only roughly outlined the position of the woman on the canvas and then started painting without a sketch. It was fun to see how the face started taking shape.
This is a larger painting with more detail than usual and I'm not sure if I'll get it finished before I leave next week for Germany to visit my family. We'll see.

We've had the most wonderful rainy morning here and I spent it in my studio painting. The sound of the rain on the skylight was my music! 

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday, rainy or not!

P.S. When I get back from Germany, I'm going to learn how to paint with oil paints. My friend Kelly (click here to see her art) inspired me to give it a try!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    das sind schöne Pläne, die du für deine
    Rückkehr hast.

    Sonnige Grüße

  2. Malen im Regen ist bestimmt sehr entspannend. Es strahlt sehr viel Harmonie aus.
    LG Sabine

  3. Just catching up. Love your newest one and Celeste on the plaster of paris is very nice. I have packed on Gesso and made different textures. Enjoy your trip and the opportunity to learn painting with oil. I have taken oil classes and did okay but it takes so long to dry but LoL what do I have to worry about time for. This is all for fun. Right sista. blessings

  4. Hi Silke..she is so deeply beautiful and very soulful to me.. there is just something so potent about her gaze and expression..alot of energy from the eyes....she reminds me a close friend of mine! Wonderful work..wowness!!