Monday, October 29, 2012

While resting yesterday...

Yesterday - between sneezing and sniffling - I did a lot of resting in our most comfortable reading (aka nap) chair. While I was sitting there, I took a few photos of the things around me to share with you today.

Cashews - one of my favorite snacks! I have to dole them out to myself in small portions because I could easily eat a whole pound in one sitting... Well - ahem - I did finish all of what we had left in the pantry yesterday! Not really a small portion. 
Right in front of me ... lookie there ... my art! :) Pretty, no?
And to my right on the living room table (please disregard the dog hairs on it... Winslow is like a big fluff muffin - his fur flies around everywhere) - one of my dear friend Vicki's gorgeous fall nests! If you are interested in growing your blog, head on over to hers (click here) and join the blog party she is planning. And if you knit or crochet, you might want to participate in her very worthy Pink Scarf Project. You can read all about it on her blog.
Ok, now a view our our front entry way. Doesn't the floor look shiny? Well, it's an illusion...I really need to get out the mop soon! But not today...

I love those skinny windows next to the door letting in light, but I don't always like that people can look in from the outside, especially when I am home alone. I've thought of putting up a curtain rod and sewing two narrow panels of sheer (but not see-through) material. Do any of you have a suggestion?
Ok, back to the from-the-chair sightseeing tour.

On the fireplace, a little bit of halloween decoration (we bought these waaaaay back when we still lived in Michigan at Horrocks, a fantastic country farm store I still miss) and some of my favorite pottery from Germany, which seems to multiply every time I visit my family.
And speaking of waaaaay back when - my mother bought these little etchings probably over thirty years ago. I still love them!
To the right of the chair: the aquarium - or as I also like to call it, my meditation station. It is impossible to watch the fish and feel any kind of stress or anxiety.
Now we've arrived at my lap and a throw I am crocheting for us. Did you notice how I chose a color that is compatible with both Ramses' and Winslow's fur?  Pure necessity at our house! If beige looked good on me at all, that's the only color I'd ever wear!
Friends, there is absolutely no way to sit on the chair (or really anywhere) without Ramses joining you. It was hard trying to dissuade him from sitting right on the knitting and crocheting projects, but he finally agreed to settle on my legs - and consequently refused to look at me for this photo. I tried for five minutes and gave up. Cats!
So different from Winslow, who was happy to pose for me, sweet boy that he is ... as long as he didn't have to lift his head. It was an exhausting day. NOT!
"Where was Daniel?" you might wonder. He was in the kitchen cooking up a pot of delicious midwest chili for us and making our most favorite corn bread recipe (double yum!!), which I might just have to share with you in a future post. 

But for now I am back to sneezing and sniffling and resting and keeping all of you who are in Hurricane Sandy's path in my thoughts! 

Wishing you a most wonderful Monday!



  1. Gute Besserung, liebe Silke!

    Love the way Ramses gives you the cold shoulder :-) Cats do have ways of letting us know, don't they...!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    alles Gute. Ich denke an dich.

    In lieber Verbundenheit


  3. HI Silke..such a beautiful post..that is my favorite work of your art , looks fabulous on the wall, I love your pottery from Germany very special! Your sweet pup and cat are adorable! Get well soon, I have been recovering from a cold too..
    Blessings and Happy week!

  4. Oh Silke das Bild sieht toll aus, erinnert mich an Klimt.
    Alles liebe

  5. Silke, something else we have in common . . . I love cashews too and cannot be trusted to have them on hand too often! lol
    Nice to get a little sneak peek of your house! Hope you are feeling better!