Friday, October 26, 2012

Beach and Surf

Yesterday afternoon, Daniel wanted to go to the beach to see what effect Hurricane Sandy was already having, being so far away from us. We had been in town all afternoon and I had just settled into our very comfy reading (or napping :)) chair and I did not want to go. I couldn't believe it myself. Me, not want to go to the beach. 
Daniel dragged me there and am I glad he did. Here are some of the photos and also two little videos at the end bringing you the sounds of wind and surf, both much stronger than usual. It's also much warmer and more humid than usual as Sandy is bringing us moist air from the south. Not nice!
Now on to another topic. Dear friends, I have been very conflicted about my blog. When I first started it, I had much time to blog and was only starting out being creative and painting. Now, that has shifted and I feel as though I am neglecting my blog and all of you.
When I have the choice of blogging or painting, knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, often blogging is at the very end of that list. And it's not me putting up a blog post - that doesn't take that much time - but visiting all of your wonderful blogs, which I get so absorbed by that easily one or two hours can pass without me really noticing.
I've been feeling guilty about that. About not visiting your blogs like I once used to. And feeling guilty when you visit mine and comment so regularly. And then I thought how guilt is such a colossal waste of creative energy and so I'm just putting it out here.
My blogging will be hit or miss for a while as my time allows. As will my visits to your blogs. If you want to stay in touch with me more than that, there's a link to my e-mail address on my Blogger profile. And if there's something you absolutely want me to see or read on your blog, let me know! :)
And now a couple of super short videos featuring Daniel and the surf and sounds of Tybee Island with the effects of far away Hurricane Sandy. 

Enjoy your weekend with whatever projects and fun things you have planned!!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    dir und Daniel wünsche ich weiterhin so
    erfüllte Zeiten.

    Alles Liebe

  2. Nice fotos of that "sandy" beach....maybe once sandy gets ahold of it though it won´t look so nice....
    Have a good weekend!

  3. i love seeing the incoming waves and hearing the wind.

    my 'rule' about my blog is that i insist it be always fun and never obligation. i know that i am not as likely to have visitors when i don't comment on other blogs and i make an effort to prioritize my visits to the folks who visit me. not to say that i don't comment here and there anyway, but that approach pretty much works for me. i hope you enjoy yourself whatever you are doing, silke!


  4. "Only every blog for love, if it feels like a chore you shouldn't do it", that's how I like to look at the blogging world!! ;o)

  5. Hi Silke, I know the feeling. I couldn't get the video to play. Enjoyed your post and I feel the same way. I visit when I can and try to comment but there are times when I can't, so I don't. Don't worry about it. Take care and enjoy your home life.

  6. Hallo Silke, bloggen sollte dir Freude bereiten und keinen zusätzlichen Druck aufbauen. Ich blogge, wenn ich Spaß daran habe und mich gut dabei fühle. Wenn mir danach ist und ich Zeit habe, dann reise ich auch gerne durch das Blogland. Ich erwarte nicht, wenn ich Kommentare hinterlasse, dass derjenige auch bei mir schaut und mir schreibt. Also, take it easy:-) Ich werde immer wieder vorbeischauen und freue mich über Neuigkeiten von dir. Übrigens, die Bilder und Videos waren super - gut das du doch noch mitgegangen bist:-) Alles Liebe, Inge

  7. Liebe Silke,
    ich schließe mich Inga an. Du solltest dich zu nichts verpflichtet fühlen. Genießt diese schöne Zeit am Strand. Es ist einfach traumhaft. Wir haben wieder Frost hier - minus 2 Grad. Also, ab ans Meer mit euch ♥
    LG Sabine

  8. Wie schön du es hast,
    bei uns ist es knackig kalt.
    Aber so lang der Himmel blau ist,
    gibt es keinen Grund zu klagen ;0)
    Liebe Grüße