Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our Ramses

After 22 healthy and happy years, our Ramses died this last Friday. He was one of a kind and we are so lucky he stayed with us for so long! 

Born in New Mexico, he fully embraced our move to hot and humid Savannah. In fact, he loved the weather here more than anyone, always outside basking in the sun. The warmer the better.
Ramses loved our two previous dogs (Moe and Puna), but Winslow was his special buddy. After all, he raised Winslow from a puppy! Almost every night he would clean Winslow's eyes and make sure his eyebrows were in good shape. We never quite understood what the eyebrow thing was about, but Winslow loved it.
And often Winslow would return the favor and lick Ramses' head until his ears were inside out and he looked like he had plunged his head into water.  Tucker, Louie and Peabody (our other cats) have rallied around Winslow and keep him company. Winslow loves all "his" cats and luckily they love him.
Of course Ramses was also quite sophisticated and an avid art critic. I never knew if sitting on one of my paintings meant approval or disapproval.
As I looked through all our photos, I realized how few of them show Ramses from the front.
Most of the photos are like these. Wherever we sat, he tried to get onto one of our laps. He helped with computer work (this was the last photo I took of him),
keeping us warm,
helping us relax,
and he always supervised my knitting.
You were a special cat, Ramses. My lap feels quite cold without you here to warm it. And our house is strangely quiet without your constant chatter.
Until we meet again...



  1. Dear Silke, I am very sorry to learn of Ramses' death. But he did indeed have a long and happy life. Everyone who has ever lived with a cat knows what a special place in our lives and hearts they can have if we allow it. Ramses certainly was one of those extra-special ones!
    Good to know Winslow has other four-legged friends around, as I do not doubt he grieves Ramses' loss.

  2. 22 years! That's a good long life for a cat and it looks like Ramses led a wonderful existence in a home full of love and other pet friends. Sorry for your loss.

  3. My heart goes out to you. I am a year out this month from losing jai and still miss him so much.

  4. Liebe Silke,
    das ist wirklich ein gesegnetes Alter für eine Katze. Ich kann nachvollziehen, wie traurig es ist, nach so langer Zeit Abschied zu nehmen.

    Alles Liebe für Euch.

  5. Losing them is so very, very hard. Sending you a big hug... I am sure Ramses will be watching over you from where he is now...