Thursday, February 5, 2015

Evolution of a Painting

Many of my paintings go through an "ugly phase" when it seems like I've chosen all the wrong colors, wrong shapes and there is no way this is going to come together. (With this one, I chose colors specifically because they aren't normally "my colors.")
Because I work in layers and mostly intuitively, I have learned to just keep going as though it will all work out. :)
I even did a little video where I'm adding another layer. I still didn't like it.
But I kept going. I knew with the way I work that every layer adds to the richness of the final painting: showing through, adding texture, making it interesting.
It's sort of like life, isn't it? Our lives gain depth and interest by all the layers we have lived, the beautiful, the not so beautiful, the difficult, the easy, the sad and the happy.
I kept at it and suddenly, it all came together.
I can always tell when that happens - my heart beats a little faster and I find myself enamored by what the canvas has revealed at last.
As is the case so often, the paintings that proved somewhat difficult for a while, end up being my favorites. The colors in this little fox are so rich and beautiful! I love it!! 
Close to You
Acrylics on 11 x 14 inch canvas
With that I wish you a beautiful Thursday. Ours is gray and rainy and cold - a perfect day to get my hands into some paint! 

With lots of love,



  1. Those colours are so rich and warm that they positively glow!

  2. Wow, I love that you took us through your process. Maybe that will help some of us to keep going. I always give up too soon. I love your work.

  3. this is freaking fascinating! thank you!

  4. It has been so amazing for me to have witnessed this painting journey for years now… YOU are amazing Silke… a natural artist!