Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Painting

Finally I can show you this painting. I was taking it to Europe as a surprise and couldn't post it before.
But I love it and now want to show you as well. I painted this for my dad's wife, Ingrid, who loves animals of all kind and has a wonderful little dog.
So I decided to add a dog to the painting.
And I fell in love it it - what a cutie!
Fun, fun, fun! I just love my new painting style. It makes me happy!
And looking at this, I'd say I'm definitely developing a style of my very own. Two of these are now living in Germany and the other two at our house.
And that's where they might stay!

Wishing you a colorful day!!



  1. I love these paintings, so much color!!
    Hope you have a great time in Germany, I know you will! xx

  2. toll die farbigen Portraits! find ich super!

  3. YES YES YES I too LOVE LOVE LOVE your new exciting to find yourself completely!! This is amazing...your title has suited you as we watch you emerge!!This painting is so fun....I hope she loves it like I do!! So glad you shared these!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Definitely a new style for you, Silke, and I am loving it. SO colorful and vibrant and fun!!!
    xo Have a wonderful visit in Germany!