Friday, May 24, 2013

Silent is the Night - New Painting

Dear friends, it seems as though life is moving at warp speed right now. It was just Monday and now it's Friday again. How does that happen?!?
My days have been busy and good and I've even spent some time at the easel playing with paint on some canvases that are a little larger than I am used to.
I lost count at how many layers I put on this painting and it just wouldn't come together. I still have this weird notion that after every layer it should look perfect - and that's not the case. Some layers leave it looking rather awful to me, but then - at some point I can't predict - it all comes together.
That's when the painting suddenly feels like it's own entity, separate from me, and I know it's done.
Silent is the Night
16 x 20 inch acrylic painting on canvas
Available here.

I'm submitting this to Paint Party Friday, where you can see lots of fabulous art! 

We are expecting a perfect warm spring weekend and are planning to spend a lot of time outside in our garden. Everything is blooming so beautifully. I'll have to share some more garden photos soon.

Wishing you a wonderfully warm, sunny and relaxed weekend!!



  1. Wonderful color and depth. Happy PPF

  2. Schönes Bild mit wunderbaren Farben! Valerie

  3. Very nice Silke. Nice to see you on PPF again. Lovely painting and title. HPPF.

  4. I love this painting. Perfect colors!

  5. oooh this is one of my favourites of yours Silke. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Very interesting process...each layer has a story to tell, within itself....great job.


  7. Gorgeous painting!
    I love this color scheme! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. I love the colours and layers of this beautiful piece.

    Thank you for visiting btw :)

    Karen x

  9. You are so right. I could just imagine you at each shot of your progress thinking what I have thought many times but at the finished shot I saw it. Great work love the colors.

  10. Beautiful painting...beautiful colors

  11. Beautiful, love the colours and sense of mystery it has.

  12. Certainly not warm and sunny here this weekend, Silke, but I can do the relaxing bit no problem :-)

    The painting has a magic quality to it.

  13. such a gorgeous painting and I love the title for it too!!

  14. Looks great! Lots of depth in it.

  15. Wow Silke, I am so glad you persevered with this and the layering! It is powerful. I see a water cavern, a walk into a cave that goes into private is so mysterious and wow wow. to just get passed that stage where we want to quit. Ugh! Lovies, Samara

  16. The colors lighten my heart! This is a hopeful light filled painting . I like the style of it

    Happy weekend, silke


  17. I love this color combination and the rich depth created here! And yes the weeks are so fast it shocks me!! Age maybe?

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Silke, tolle Farben und schönes Bild. Grüße aus good old Germany, Inge

  19. Dear friends,

    Thank you all for your inspiring and kind comments on my painting! With these abstract paintings, I never know how they appeal to anyone else, so it warmed my heart to read what you had to say...

    Love, Silke

  20. I love it... you definitely got my attention with yellow and teal (my favorite colors).
    It was so relieving to hear you say you have problems with the layering thing... OMGosh, I think after one layer it is supposed to look perfect and pulled together, lol!!! Slowly I am learning to be patient with my painted ladies and how many layers it takes to get their faces looking properly shaded! YIKES!!!
    Beth P