Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden & Snake

These have been days that are slow and busy at the same time it seems. I have not been back up to my studio since I showed you the last sketch. Maybe this afternoon. Somehow I am a little afraid to continue with it for fear of ruining it. When I get to feeling like that I usually wait until I feel inspired again...
In the meantime I took a few photos in our garden as so much is happening this time of the year. We only have very few pomegranates this time around. Somehow the bees weren't there when they were blooming. But we'll get five or six. The peppers are all doing well and some of them are ready to be eaten!
The eggplant are growing wonderfully this year!
As are all of the tomatoes! We've even been able to eat some of the little ones already. They are so sweet - so different from when we buy them at the store.
A few zinnias self seeded from last year and are blooming happily.

And the kumquat tree is loaded with flowers...and they smell so good!
Another pomegranate, just because they are so beautiful...
Winslow enjoying the rain we had this morning.
And here the grey rat snake we saw this morning.
It is one of the non-venomous snakes we see fairly often around here. But this one was special. Daniel woke me up early, early this morning, telling me that there was a relatively small snake on the side of house that was trying to eat a frog. I was up and dressed in a flash!

For the next two hours, we watched mother nature at work and were equally amazed and put off by what we witnessed. We had such mixed emotions as we love snakes and the frogs that sing when it rains. Just like we love cats and birds. Yet sometimes they collide and one feeds the other.

Instead of putting all the photos we took on my blog, I thought I'd give you the choice of looking at them if you'd like. They are not for the faint of heart or those of you who get queasy easily... If you'd like to see, simply click here!

With that I leave you for today and wish you a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. Yipes! I just checked out those photos, Silke. Excellent photography, but I feel for that poor frog. But, snakes have to eat.
    Your garden photos are lovely. Wanted to tell you that I love the sketch of you as a little girl. It is very pretty and well done, Silke.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Liebe Silke,

    die Fotos sind ganz besonders gut gelungen.
    Du hast eine gute Kamera und einen guten Blick
    für das Schöne.

    Alles Liebe

  3. Liebe Silke,
    ich habe schon ewig keine Schlange mehr gesehen. Die sind echt selten bei uns in Norden.
    LG Sabine

  4. We haven't seen too many snakes this year. I don't mind them as long as they stay away from my chickens and me! We had quite a few copperheads last year. Your art work has really grown since the last time I've visted. It has been quite busy around here too with a lot of garden work going on. Hope you have a great day!

  5. I've enjoyed your garden pictures so far, haven't decided if I want to see the frog vs snake movie yet. ;-)
    But poms are a favorite and eggplant too. Nice you grow all this yourself. I posted some flowers from my garden today too! Come see! ;-)

  6. Oh pomegranates!!! I am drooling!!! Your garden looks so lovely. How do your flower beds stay so full with Winslow thinking they are HIS bed? Off to see your snake. The soldier had a ball python while growing up so I had to get over the fear! Big love, Deb

  7. What a beautiful post today. Your photography is great. I appreciate your love of snakes but I can just barely tolerate them mostly if they stay in their place. I am moving on with my faces but so far nothing like yours. Have a great week.

  8. I always love seeing the photos in your garden posts!

  9. Oh la la! Je viens de regarder les photos d ce serpent dévorant la grenouille... c'est incroyable!! Je ne trouve point de mot!
    En revanche je me suis sentie plus sereine dans votre jardin en admirant vos merveilleux légumes! Je dégusterais bien une petite ratatouille avec ces beaux légumes! (cuisinés!... pas comme le ferait l'ami serpent!)
    gros bisous

  10. Silke, stopped by to say hello. Wonderful photos, but I think I will pass on the snake eating the frog.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo