Monday, March 29, 2010

Savannah and New Projects

Yesterday morning was simply beautiful (the afternoon turned out a bit stormy) and we decided it was a good time for an outing to historic downtown Savannah. We packed Winslow in the car and off we drove...
We wanted to see what was blooming already. Downtown Savannah is always a little ahead of us who are living closer to the coast. We found wisteria,
lady banks roses,
and a pretty little rock garden.
Savannah is filled with gorgeous squares, perfect to sit and look around, to read or to eat your lunch,
beautiful garden or passage gates,
weathered doors,
well-cared for house fronts,
romantic historic homes framed by majestic live oaks,
and carriages pulled by grand looking horses.
Our ultimate destination yesterday was Forsythe Park.
I wanted to get a look at the new concert space and cafe, housed in the newly renovated fort. It'll be a perfect place for outdoor concerts!
In Forsythe Park, a few azaleas were already blooming,

as well as this little shamrock,
a beautiful pink bush I don't know by name,
ornamental cherry trees,

and redbud trees.
The park was filled with families with children, people walking their dogs, or some just sitting on a bench,
or lounging on the grass.
Winslow thought it was time to visit the new cafe. We sat outside, chatted with numerous people and knew instantly that this will be one of our new favorite places to visit...
Ok, change of subject! Look at those books I got at our public library the other day.
Now, I am waiting for some of this
and some of this to arrive and I foresee hours of fun new projects!
Some people like to focus on one thing only forevermore. I need variety, even in my creative endeavors. How about you?!

But don't worry, I'm still painting, knitting, crocheting, cooking, and baking. There's time for a little bit of everything...


  1. Oh such beautiful pictures! And I am still waiting for spring to come!! Looking forward to see your new projects. I also need variety, but I probably have to many sometimes :) Love, Annika

  2. Hi Silke,
    Wow! Beautiful, beautiful, Spring photos. I love Winslow's little face, smelling the fresh air out of the car window.;)
    Savannah, looks like a stunning place to live, with quite a few old buildings and history. You even have lucky shamrocks growing in the parks!
    I will look forward to seeing your new projects. I need creative variety as well.:)
    Love Jo.

  3. What an outing!! I would like to spend hours there with you! We could chat about all the places we love - North Germany and beautiful Savannah, of course, but also the patches of green down at our feet, the fresh flowers, everything we see! Wouldn`t that be great? And we could talk German! Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar, Silke, wir müssen uns mal treffen!

  4. This was soooo lovely, Silke! Those lady banks roses probably are blooming now in South Tirol; where I fell in love with them. Unfortunately, the winters here are too harsh. I so understand the need to try something different - I am constantly moving from one kind of creativity to the next... LOL

  5. I have family that has talked about Savannah so many times. It looks fabulous. No flowers here in Illinois yet, but it won't be long!

    I am all over the place with what I create. I have gone from paper to wood, to glass to fabric. I love to experiment with all kinds of things.

    Can't wait to see what you are up to!

  6. I am quite jealous of all the lush flora! heehee! Beautiful photos---makes me feel like I was there!
    I never can stick to one thing all the time creatively; I always have something different going, if not in actuality, in my head. I think it makes it easier to press on with the long projects and then move into something else you want to do/learn.
    Can't ait to get back in the wet studio!!!


  7. What an amazing town... I love expecially the old door - perfect!
    Our nature is still in its preparation period. I´m looking forward to see such beautiful flowers around us very soon.
    I also like to change my creative goals - I like changes.

  8. Hi Silke, you always show the most beautiful things, thank you! I loved all your pictures and Winslow quite the cutie!
    I can't wait to see your new projects that you're going to be making.
    I hope that you have a wonderful new week!
    Hugs and much love...

  9. Hi Silke! Savannah looks beautiful. And you are far ahead of us in spring flora! Our cherry tree hasn't bloomed, nor the redbud. But we are in a little hollow, and it takes us a couple of weeks longer to show off our spring finest. :) I can never do one thing for very long (artistically) and I find I get more done if I let myself toggle back and forth and round about. :) Have a great week - xox! Pam

  10. Now I definitely know where to visit if I am ever in that area. How BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for sharing the day with us. And now you will be sewing? Is there anything you don't do, Silke? I like to dabble in a bit of everything, too - very good for the soul. Hope your fabric arrives soon so you can play! Theresa

  11. silke...what a BEEE.utiful day. that would be a PERFECT day for me. one that would carry me for quite some time. your photos are so yummy. thank you so much for sharing a spot that i may NEVER visit, but feel like i have through you!
    you are such a doll. thank you for ALWAYS leaving the sweetest comments on my blog.
    loves to you.

  12. Silke....loved the photos...what a fun trip..i haven't left this house in i really enjoyed this...looks like winslow did too. so cute...looks like he is smiling there by the library...

    i loved what you said about pets healing....

    thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind means alot to me....

    sending love,

  13. What a wonderful day. It looks like Winslows favorite part was the car ride I love that photo. I also love the fabric you got, what are you going to do with it?

  14. I love the picture of Winslow and the rest are so lovely! You captured some beautiful moments and images.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a beautiful town. I'll have to go visit again - it's been a while since I went. I just love Wisterias in spite of their bad reputation ;-)
    Wonderful photos, Silke, thank you so much for sharing your outing with us. I enjoyed it very much.
    Doris :-)
    I love Winslow. His name fits him perfectly!

  16. Incredible pictures Silke - such an explosion of spring and such a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.
    Speaking of beautiful, that cake looks incredible!

  17. HI Silke..thankyou for such an enchanting outing..that was Fabulous Fun!! Winslow..adorable!! Gorgeous photos..I am dazzled! have a happy day..thanks for adding magic to mine!

  18. I like variety too in most areas of my life :)

  19. I love what your eye sees with the camera...I feel like I was walking along with you. We have similar tastes in what we capture...I could imagine us stopping to admire the flowers, the fences, the weathered doors...*bliss*

    As for variety in what I do with my creative juice...yes, I need it, crave it, must have it!! Happy sewing!! :)

  20. Thanks for taking us on your tour! I am in love with Savannah. I love the romantic architecture. The gardens are lush and colorful! And Winslow is adorable!